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Country Senegal

Senegal is the part of western Africa and is famous for its mesmerising beaches. It lies to the south of Senegal River and is bounded by Atlantic Ocean on the west. It covers a land area of about 197,000 km square and is amongst the one the most flourishing tourist destinations in Africa. The major cities in this country are Dakar, Thies, Saint Louis, Mbour and Kaolack.

It has a wide range of accommodation options for the travellers. Campements are the 4 star deluxe camps run by villagers and they provide all type of amenities like lodging, boarding etc. They will provide you all the basic facilities like hot and cold water, air conditioning breakfast, lunch and dinner. Though the cuisine here is influenced by French kitchen but Senegal also has its own exotic food and drinks range. Hostels and guesthouse are the other modes of accommodation here.

Senegal is found to be inhabited since prehistoric times. This country was a part of great empire of Ghana and was found by Tukulor in the Senegal River. Islam is the prominent religion in this country and it came into existence in 11th century. This country has seen many invaders try their hand and weapon to have power over this land but none of the Portuguese, Netherlands and Great Britain won. French had its possession and started their market of goods here.

Popular Places
The beaches of Senegal attract photographers and naturists from all over the world. The exotic and sensual beaches are blessed by sunshine all around the year. The reefs of its beaches are a heaven for the ones who have a passion for diving. Nature has endowed it with all its bounty and reserves. Its rich flora and fauna lures travellers to be part of this diverse and blessed place. Its historic museums are other things to be explored by the tourists here.

Getting Around
It’s best to travel by public transportation if you want to enjoy your trip to Senegal to fullest. You can also hire a taxi or car from the major cities like Dakar, Mbour etc. The most common method to commute in the country is through sept places. It is a type of public wagon which will carry seven people at a time and you have to sit on the lap of person next to you throughout the journey.

Places of Entertainment
Country Senegal has a rocking night life. Its wide range of hotels and restaurants provides you world class cuisine as well as a scintillating night life to enjoy. Almost each and every hotel has a discotheque where you can dance, drink and have fun altogether.

Senegal Currency is the official currency of Country Senegal and is used for the exchange, sale and purchase of goods in the country. You can check out the latest exchange rates from internet and news.

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