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Country Serbia- An Fascinating Holiday Spot

Situated in the South west region of Europe, Serbia is a country which has undergone major political changes. Serbia was initially a state of Yugoslavia till the year 2006, when it gained a separate Republican status. With a population of 8.3 million, Serbia is slowly becoming a holiday spot for tourists across the world.

Yugoslavian States of Serbia and Montenegro have interesting historical background, having recently secured independence from each other. In 1929 a republic union was formed in an attempt to unite all Serbs, Slovenes and Croats; under many kings and communist government reign. But by 1992, Yugoslavia was left with just two states- Serbia and Montenegro.  With 1998 war results, the Yugoslavian government started crumbling and supplanted by the union of Serbia and Montenegro. Finally, in 2006 Montenegro peacefully separated from Serbia.

Popular Places and Attractions
Serbia with a huge ground area of 77,474 sq. km. is endowed with many chief attractions. The capital Region of Belgrade and its cities have numerous interesting places for foreign visitors such as the ancient fortresses, museums, animal zoo, beautiful parks, rivers and natural scenic beauty.

The Royal Palace is a popular haunt of tourists with medieval art works, public tour places and Royal residential comforts created way back in 1880 by Aleksandar Bugarski. Similarly, the Temple of Saint Sava is a wondrous ancient Temple dedicated to Saint Sava. It is one of the biggest Orthodox Church in the world with lovely granite and marble construction surrounded by lush gardens. Tourists wanting a exciting and adventurous holiday will love Serbia for its lovely skiing spots, wild national parks, vast countryside with green forests, limestone caves, alpine fields, scenic mountain lakes, fresh springs, isolated monasteries, etc.

Getting Around
Exploring Serbia is quite convenient with various transport facilities. As a tourist you can rent a car for a week to a month’s period. Apart from private cars, you can avail of local taxi services that are affordable and economical. There are many railway network services that link Serbia to different European lands. But internal railway services in Serbia are not up to the mark. There are 2 major international airports in Serbia that connects all major European, Asian and African countries. The best guide to hassle free travel is to have some money handy to pay for your travel.

Places of Entertainment
Serbia is a vast country land. Some of the top spots of entertainment includes Djerdap national Park that lies between Danube River and Sip dam. The spectacular Djerdap Gorge is one of the best geographical sites in the world. Similarly, the snow covered mountainous peaks, Ibar highway roads, lovely ski resorts, state of art Josanicka Spa and historic Slavic enclaves all contribute to great entertainment for holidaying visitors.

Accommodation Options
You can find a wide range of accommodation in Serbia from luxury hotel resorts to budget hotels, bed & breakfast, guesthouse, youth hostels, motels, camp sites and many more

The main currency in Serbia is the official Serbian Dinar (CSD).  The bills come in form of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 1000 and 5000 dinars. Foreign currency exchanges and traveler’s cheques are accepted in Serbia. Check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates.

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