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Seychelles: Beauty in Isolation

Seychelles is a group of 115 islands found in Indian Ocean. They are 930 miles from the African mainland. Seychelles has the smallest population of any state in Africa. This state is divided into 25 different regions and they have rich and diverse natural beauty. Out of these 25 regions, eight islands are referred to as Greater Victoria forms the capital of Seychelles. The main islands of this country are Mahe, La Digue and Praslin and these are made up wholly of granite.

The renovated and modern establishments in Seychelles are promising a wider choice for the tourists as their holiday accommodation. You will get all types of accommodation facilities in the islands of Seychelles. It has large small, budget hotels, Creole guesthouses and hostels too. These provide you a warm ambience and hospitality. The stunning self surroundings will absorb you in its beauty and serenity.

Arab traders are considered to be the first inhabitants of this place but it as Vasco Da Gama who happened to discover this place at first. 1609 records the first landing on this place by English East Indiaman Ascension.

Popular Places
Seychelles is the home of some of the breathtaking and ravishing beaches in the world. You will be mesmerized by its bounties and rich flora and fauna. The views surrounding the beaches are perfect for the photographers and the admirers of scenic beauties. It is not hard to believe that its tourist’s ratio is increasing day by day as it has spectacular range of palm trees and bushes lining the beaches and tropical flowers and wild life.

Getting Around
The most comfortable and easiest ways to commute from island to island is through ship, boat or plane. It is time saving as well as fast. But if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty while you travel then it is best to take a taxi route. Some people also prefer walking to see the islands of Seychelles in their real glory.

Language and Culture
English, French and Seychellois Creole are the main languages which are spoken in these island groups. The local people are very amicable and friendly and will love to serve you at your sojourn. The culture of Seychelles Island is quite rich and its simple lifestyle and laid back attitude had made it a tranquil and peaceful place. You can relax your nerves and have a wonderful holiday here.

Seychelles Rupee (SCR) is the official currency of the country Seychelles. One Seychelles rupee is equal to 0.088196 U.S. Dollars. There is a law in the country which makes it illegal to move in or out of the country with more than 2000 Seychelles rupee in possession without any authorization. You can check internet or news for the latest exchange rates.

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