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City Skardu in Pakistan – The Abode of Mountains and Glaciers

City Skardu is the capital of the District of Skardu, which is located in Baltistan in North Pakistan. This city is world famous for being the home of K2 peak in the Karakoram mountain ranges, which is the second highest peak in the world. Baltoro Glacier and the Batura Glacier, which are the largest glaciers next only to that of the Polar Regions are alos located in Skardu.

Accommodation Options
In the peak tourist season that spans from April to October, hotels get booked very fast by trekkers and mountain sports enthusiasts. Especially in the month of August scores of visitors throng this city to witness the polo tournament organized in connection with the Independence Day celebrations. Ranging from inns, hotels, motels, cheap hostels, guesthouse and budget hotels there are ample choices in this city. Skardu is a totally safe city to travel and stay. The budget travellers can check out the camping accommodation options near the Shangrila Lake area for some cool deals.

The erstwhile Buddhist community of the city of Skardu along with some other villages nearby converted into Islam in the 14th century as a result of preaching of Syed Ali Hamdani.

Popular Places
There are many interesting places of tourist interest including the 16th century Skardu Fort that offers the panoramic view of the entire valley. The Deosai National Park, which is second highest plains after Tibet, is another must see. Skardu is a famous trekking and mountaineering spot, which attracts scores of adventure sports enthusiasts. Wild life, camping and expeditions are the other leisure activities on offer in this city.

Getting Around
In case you are looking for a hassle free travel guide in this city, passenger taxis and jeep rentals are the best options. Negotiate the prices in advance. Horse riding and trekking are ideal options to explore the rugged mountains. There are buses too though the services are not very frequent.

Places of Entertainment
Satpara Lake is ideal for boating and fishing. Shigar Valley and Khaplu valley are also worth exploring. Trekking, mountaineering, mountain biking and hot air ballooning are some of the popular sporting options. There are many restaurants and shopping options, which allow you to explore its rich culture and way of life in depth.

Pakistani Rupee (PKR) is the currency in Skardu, which is tended as bills while the smaller denominations are offered as coins, which is called Paise. 1 PKR=100 paise Banks and authorized travel desks help you to exchange currency. Keep tab of the latest currency exchange rates through the internet of financial news bulletins.

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