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Slovakia – The Heart of Europe

Slovakia lies in the heart of Europe and is home to several magnificent castles, medieval villages and thundering mountains. One of the most special things about Slovakia’s towns and cities is that they literally breathe history.

History of Slovakia:
In the ancient past, the territory of the present Slovakia was strategically important due to the presence of raw materials like silver, copper, gold, iron and salt. The country was invaded and devastated by the Mongols in the middle of the thirteenth century which further led to construction of some majestic stone castles. The 14th and 15th century era in the history of the country was considered as the Golden Age of the kingdom. 

Popular Places and Attractions:
Slovakia has a lot of breathtaking views and historic sites to capture your interest throughout your stay. You can start your sightseeing trip in Slovakia with Slovensky Raj – Slovak Paradise, a wonderful and untouched piece of nature. Its canyons, karstic forms and wild streams and waterfalls attract nature lovers from all over. The castle of Spis, known for being the largest medieval castle complex in the central Europe, is another place worth a visit in Slovakia.

UNESCO has inscribed several sites of Slovakia in the World Heritage List which include Bardejov Town Conservation Reserve, Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians, etc. One cannot afford to miss a visit to Spissky Hrad, the greatest and the most magnificent monument of Slovakia. Other tourist attractions include Thermal Park Besenova, AquaPark, Slovak National Museum, SNP Museum, etc. Some of the major cities of Slovakia are Bratislava, Nitra, Levoca, Poprad, Martin, Zvolen, etc.

Getting Around in Slovakia:
Slovakia is one of those European states that boast of a well developed bus network that connects all the remote corners of the country, the best guide to smooth travel is to keep some change handy to pay for your journey.

Places of Entertainment:
Slovakia is dotted with various Chinese restaurants and pizzerias throughout. For relishing the local cuisine of Slovakia, one can visit several classic restaurants present in the country. Pubs, beer parlors and taverns are the cheapest and the most frequent eating facilities in Slovakia. Slovakian restaurants offer various dishes of rice, potatoes, vegetables, beef, pork, cheese, pasta, etc. Usually located in the mountainous areas, Shepherd’s huts offer traditional mouth watering Slovakian food.   

Supermarkets and shopping centers in cities around Slovakia are one stop points for all kinds of shopping needs such as groceries, clothing, souvenirs, etc. Some popular shopping-leisure centers in Slovakia are Palace Shopping Centre, Avion Shopping Park, Polus City Centre, Centro, Europa Shopping Centre, etc.

Accommodation Options:
There is wide selection of accommodation options available in Slovakia which includes luxury hotels, budget hotels, romantic hotels, apartments, guesthouse, bed & breakfast, motels, youth hostels accommodation etc. Travellers can arrange for a stay in Slovakia as per their taste and budget.

Currency and Language:
Euro is the official currency of Slovakia since January 1, 2009. One can exchange money at post offices, hotels, tourist centers and banks, check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates. The official language of Slovakia is Slovak.

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