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Slovenia – Europe in Miniature

One of the most prosperous regions in Eastern Europe, Slovenia rightly justifies the ‘Europe in miniature’ hype. Well dominated by rivers, mountains and main east-west and north-south transit routes, Slovenia has all, mountains, lakes, churches, discos, castles, museums, etc., to captivate tourists from all over the world.

History of Slovenia:
The strategic location of Slovenia has played an important role in influencing its history.  Slovenian territories prospered under the Roman Empire in the first century BC. Slovenia history has gone through turbulent times due to wars, battles and invasions that happened on its ground. It regained its republic status in 1945, after the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II.

Popular Places and Attractions:
All Slovenian attractions have one thing in common – they portray the immaculate blend of traditionalism and modernity. Take for instance Piran, the coastal jewel of Slovenia. One can take a local tour to witness the amazing Venetian architecture of this place and also relish the seafood at the restaurants lying at the waterfront.

Lake Bled is one the most popular and marvelous tourist attractions in Slovenia. Blessed with an elegant Bled Castle and natural richness, Lake Bled also offers a range of entertainment options for the tourists. The Slovenian coast stretches across 47 km and encloses natural reserve rich in sandstone and marl while the tourist town of Portoroz promises comfortable hotels, restaurants, pools and other interesting events for the tourists.  

Some of the major cities of Slovenia are Maribor, Ptuj, Domzale, Ajdovscina, Piran, etc. Ljubljana, the largest of all Slovenian cities, is the capital of the country.

Getting Around in Slovenia:
Bus is the preferred means of transportation for getting around for shorter distances in Slovenia. For reaching to isolated and remote beautiful towns, one may have to drive a car, a good guide is to check where you want to go first then you get organise the best way to get there

Places of Entertainment:
One will find a range of shopping options in Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana. There are numerous fashion boutiques, handicraft shops, shopping malls and markets in Slovenia to choose from. Visitors shouldn’t miss a visit to BTC City, the most diverse and the largest shopping complex in Slovenia.

One can try traditional as well as international cuisine at various Ljubljana restaurants such as Pr’ NONI, Bachus, Via Bona, Mexico 1867, etc. The evenings in Ljubljana are warm and thrilling with plenty of cultural programs, casinos, nightclubs, discos and rock clubs making their way in the city.

Accommodation Options:
A range of accommodation facilities from spa and wellness hotels to private apartments, from luxury hotels to budget hotels, youth hostels, bed & breakfast, guesthouse, motels and tourist farms are available in Slovenia. Prices of accommodation options depend on the season, location and type of accommodation.

Currency and Language:
Slovenia adopted the Euro as its official currency way back in 2007, check the news and internet for the latest exchange rates. While Slovene is the official language of Slovenia, English is also widely spoken in the country.

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