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Sudan: Serenity Unexplored

Sudan is one of the most vivacious and diverse countries of Africa. It possesses some of the rarest and spectacular scenes on earth and its northeast and southern part can be held as a perfect holiday destination. It is the largest country of Africa. Khartoum, Juba, Malakai and Boor are some of the major cities of this country.

There are all types of accommodation available in Sudan as per your need and affordability. To get the best and most comfortable stay in your journey it is best to stay at capital city- Khartoum. It has some of the best hotels of the country which will provide you a warm and clean hospitality. You can also find budget hotels, and youth hostels for your stay. If you want to experience real Africa then you can also book your stay at one of those make up tents in the open deserts where you will get all facilities like wooden beds, table lamps, drawers and bathrooms in them.

Sudan is also one of the ancient countries of Africa which are proved to be inhabited some 60,000 years back. They developed a culture of their own around 8000 years ago. This area was previously known as Kush and had a strong affinity for Egyptian Culture. In the 6th century the people of Nobatae occupied some of the parts of Kush region and intermarried to become an extended tribe known as Meroitic reign.

Popular Places
Khartoum is the capital city of Sudan and it boasts of its tranquil and serene scenic beauty. The palm trees and bushes line up the view and give an aura of peace to the place. National Museum is one of the best places to visit in Khartoum. It holds the historic artifacts and things from the history of Sudan including pottery, glassware and figures from the kingdom of Kush. Port Sudan is a good place for those who are interested in Red Sea diving. On the way to Port Sudan from Khartoum you can see pyramids lining up the way. These pyramids are much smaller in size as compared to the real ones found in Egypt but they are worth the view.

Omdurman is yet another city in Sudan and has lots to display for the tourists. Its Camel market is famous for almost everything. Kassala is a favorite destination for Honeymooning couples and a spring in nearby village of Khatmiya is believed to bring good luck and charm to the lives of newlywed people.

Sudanian Dinar is the official currency of Sudan. It is divided into Sudanian pounds of face value 10 which are subdivided into 100 piastres. The Dinar coins have a denomination of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. The bank notes are available in 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000. The latest exchange rates can be taken from internet or from news.

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