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Swaziland is a landlocked country in the southern African which is also known as Ngwane. It’s a small country with a scanty population but a serene mountainous region throughout the country. Manzini, Big Bend, Lobamba and Ngwenya are some of the major cities of this country.

Swaziland provides you a range of self catering apartments, budget hotels, guest houses and hostels. It’s very easy to find an accommodation at the place of your choice. These will provide you all the necessities like gourmet, comfortable rooms and wide variety of other services too. You can enjoy the scenic beauty from the location of your stay houses and can enjoy hiking, golfing or rafting in the serene locales. There is also an option for fishing in dams. The lodges are mostly established in the rich flora and fauna and the nature lovers will get a lot to admire about.

This country is named after its king Mswati II. Artefacts and paintings dating back to 20,000 years ago are found in the region of Swaziland. Khoisan hunter gatherers were the first inhabitant of this country and these were replaced by the Bantu tribal people. These Bantu people also known as Swazs used iron and other metals for work and had a language of their own.

Popular Places
The main places to visit while you are on your exciting trip to explore Africa re its rich wildlife and diverse market for traditional goods. Swazi candles and Ngwenya glasses are some of the masterpiece handicrafts one can take home from here. Milwane Game Reserve is the place next to be visited. It’s a place where tamed birds and animals wander freely. The scenic beauty of this place adds a lot to your curious visit. Pine valley is famous for its cascades of waterfalls on the river Umbeluzi. There are many diverse spots for white water rafting and hiking.

Religion and language
Bantu is the main language which is spoken in this country. It is taught in schools and is the official language of Swaziland. It is also one of the official languages of Africa. Eighty percent of the people are Christians which follow Roman Catholicism trail.

Getting Around
It is best to take a public transport to get a ride around the country. Local buses will take you to all the places and will guide you through the real country to see. Minivans, taxis are yet another option if you are concerned more about the privacy thing.

Lilangeni is the currency of Swaziland and it is sub divided into cents. The South African rand is also a legal currency in Swaziland. The exchange rates can be checked from internet and news.

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