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City Taichung in Taiwan- The Resort City of Taiwan 

Taichung, situated in west-central Republic of China (Taiwan) is the third largest city in Taiwan. Beautiful and well-laid out, this city showcases the rich culture and traditions in its monuments and edifices, dotting the streets. Taiching has a pleasant climate all round the year and is famous for many outdoor leisure activities and sports events like baseball.

Accommodation Options
Taichung is a generally safe city where you can enjoy a comfortable stay. There are all types of accommodation options ranging from budget hotels to inns, motels, B & B, guesthouse and youth hostels to match your diverse budget. The hostels are ideal options for budget travelers and there are many hostels that are conveniently located near the tourist spots and city centre. Most of the hostels have reception area, communal entertainment, coffee-brewing machine, coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Clean and well kept rooms and attractive prices make these hostels very popular.

This city was originally founded in 1705 as a part of Changhua County before it became part of the Qing-dynasty. When China was defeated in the Sino-Japanese War in 1895, the Qing Dynasty ceded Taiwan to the Japanese in the Treaty of Shimonoseki. However the Japanese were forced to surrender to Republic of China (ROC) forces in 1945 and Taichuing was declared as a special municipality four years later.

Popular Places
Taichung Folklore Park is an authentic representation of the ethnic life and culture of Taiwan where the recreated historical buildings and old streets take the visitors back in time. Another popular place to visit in this city is the Taichung Winery, which was set up during the Japanese-era. This fully functional winery also includes a Wine Museum, which sheds light on the history and the intricate process of wine making.

Getting Around
Taichung can be easily explored on foot or by public transport bus. Scooter rentals and taxis are the other convenient modes of transport in the travel guide of this city. The compact down town area could be easily explored on foot though the sidewalks are encroached upon by the shop keepers t display their wares.

Places of Entertainment
The shopping enthusiasts would find the night markets like HungHwa and the Feng-Chia university night market, irresistible where they can seal a few bargain deals. It has a lively night life and has a rich smattering of pubs, bars and night clubs to spice up the milieu.

New Taiwan Dollar (NT$), presented in both bills and coins is the currency in circulation. The bills are available in denominations like 2000, 1000, 500, 200, and 100 while the coins are in smaller denominations. The latest currency exchange rates can be known from the internet or financial news.

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