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Tajikistan – In the Lap of Mother Nature

Located in Central Asia, Tajikistan is a landlocked mountainous country that is fast emerging as a fascinating tourist destination of the world.

Accommodation Options
Despite the fact that Tajikistan is fast catching up with the western world in terms of development, the accommodation options are somehow limited. There are only few hotels in the country that are clean and friendly and hence one should book one’s stay well in advance. Accommodation choices such as guesthouses, budget hotels, bed and breakfast lodgings, youth hostels are difficult to find, especially outside the capital.

History of Tajikistan
Tajikistan declared its independence in September 1991 and achieved it in the December of the same year. Almost immediately, the country found itself into the clutches of a civil war that involved various factions of the society and resulted in complete destruction of the country. Tajikistan is still recovering from the losses suffered due to its political instability.

Popular Places and Attractions
A visit to Tajikistan is not complete without a visit to the well known Pamir Mountains. Referred to as the roof of the world, the snow covered Pamirs are perfect for all types of adventure sports such as trekking, skiing, etc. Silk Road is another tourist attraction that carries great historical significance. Fansky Gory, lakes at Panjikent, Barakat Market are other places of interest for tourists.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan’s capital is an important tourist destination for many. People flock to this city especially on Mondays to witness the Monday Markets that are extremely popular and lively. Such is the significance of this market that it is believed that the word Dushanbe has been christened after the name of this market itself. Some of the other attractions of this place are an opera house, principal mosque, a Russian church and a 19th century built synagogue. People also like to visit the Tajikistan Unified Museum while on visit to Dushanbe. Khujand, Panjakent, Kulob are major Tajikistan cities.

Getting Around in Tajikistan
Tajikistan is well connected with all modes of transportation be it rail, road or air. Minivans and cars are a common sight on the roads of Tajikistan. Ask for transportation tips from a travel guide for a convenient travel.

Places of Entertainment
Bars, opera and ballet theatre and pubs are available in Tajikistan that makes nightlife vibrant and pleasant. Most of the nightclubs are concentrated in the city of Khujand, Tajikistan’s economic capital. Though high-end shopping malls are not common, one can buy souvenirs and handicrafts from country’s local bazaars such as Zilyoni Bazaar, etc.

Tajik Somoni is the official currency of Tajikistan. The same is available in both currency notes and coins. Make sure that you check the latest currency exchange rates from the local news paper before moving into a currency exchange centre.

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