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Tunisia: Oasis in Deserts

In present times Africa is considered to be a synonym with deserts, poverty and solitude. But in fact there are some places in this barren country which are far lusher than the greenest parts of the earth. Tunisia is one such country which boasts of its bounty and richness with which nature has blessed it. Tunisia is situated in North Africa at Mediterranean coasts.

The first habitants of Tunisia were Berber Tribes. As per the legends, this city was established and founded by Dido in 814 B.C. the 5th century BC saw the wars with Greeks and other empires and eventually Tunisia saw the fall and rise of many kingdoms. The 7th century period was mainly of Arab Muslims.

Popular Places
Tunisia is known to be tourists’ paradise as it is always favourable to visit this country be it any season. It has 40per cent area of the large Sahara desert. The most ravishing thing to applaud in Tunisia is the perfect combination of white sandy beaches and the crystal clear sea water. It gives splendid and tranquilizing scenery. The adventurous travellers can enjoy various water sports like scuba diving, rafting and swimming here.

Hammamet is a cheap and ethnic market from where you can buy stuff to take back home with you. It will remind you of your sojourn and visit to a lovely place as Tunisia. It also has some of the most delicious food points to serve your taste buds with African food.

Holiday home accommodations are the most preferred accommodation options for the families which visit Tunisia for their vacations. These are readily available in most of the towns of Tunisia. Self catering apartments and holiday villas are also available for people who want to take the taste of real life of Africa. There are various hotels, youth hostels and budget hotels, guest houses to cater to the people with limited needs. They will provide you all the necessary facilities needed to have a comfortable stay at your holidays.

Getting Around
The transport system of Tunisia I s well developed with each and every town connected to the capital city with some means of transport. The domestic airports cater to the needs of tourists who prefer going from one place to another by air. Air conditioned bus services are available in almost every town and the rail network is also very comfortable. Louags are the five passenger pickups who won’t leave until all the seats are full. They will guide you through the real African Tunisia.

Tunisian Dinar (TND) is the unit of money which is used in Tunisia. It is divided into 1000millimes. ATMs are found in almost every town and exchanges are provided by most of the banks. Travellers’ cheques are readily accepted at banks. You can check the latest exchange rates from internet and from news.

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