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Uganda: Safari Destination of Africa

The great primates found in Uganda are considered to be in close resemblance to humans in description. Uganda is and east African country and is home to many of the primates like apes, monkeys, chimpanzee, lemurs and the gorillas. It is a land bound country with Sudan, Kenya, Congo and Rwanda on it four sides.

There is a diverse range of accommodation options in Uganda. You can select from budget hotels, mid range and luxury hotels to stay in this country. There are also various guesthouses, youth hostels and lodges where you can comfort yourself with scenic beauty and warm hospitality. There are cheap hostels available for the bag packers.

You will get all the facilities like hot and cold water, entertainment and sports lounges and all sorts of cuisine to have a perfect day. Some luxury hotels also arrange sightseeing vans for you to have an enthralling stay. You can skip on the hotel meals to have an experience of core African food at your own.

1700 to 2300 years ago, the people of Uganda were hunter gatherers. Some of the Bantu speaking tribes from central Africa migrated here and brought developed skill and knowledge with them. In the beginning of 120 A.D. Nilotic people started to live here. They use to survive on cattle rearing and subsistence farming and settled in eastern parts of the country. In 1830, the Arab traders moved in this land from the Indian Ocean coast of Africa.

Popular Places
Uganda is known to be the world’s best safari destination with its dense forests strips and wide range of wild life. Its moist climate and rich flora and fauna make it a perfect choice for the safari lovers. About 20mammal species including primates survive here and gives safari companies huge dividends every year.

Kibale forest national park is one of the biggest parks of this country and it boasts of some of the rarest species of primates. The golden monkeys which are well represented for the safaris and trips are found here.  The Ssesse archipelago is a semi precious stone found in Lake Victoria and it is a main place for birds’ safari.

Getting Around
Uganda has a fully developed transportation system with links in water, air and by road. Local boat services are available from Ssesse islands. Roads are well developed and there are police check points and stops. Public buses run in most parts of the Uganda and connect different towns but they are usually late and unreliable. A network of mini buses known as Matatus also operates in almost every town. These are the most convenient and fastest mode of transport. One can also hire private taxis to move from one city to another.

The official currency of Uganda is shilling. At present one Ugandian Shilling is equal to 0.000501 dollars. To know the latest exchange rates refer to news or internet.

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