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Country Uzbekistan - Opt for the Silk Road of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is blessed with rich culture and splendid architecture that it can boast of. This land is famous for its culture, which is more than two thousand years old.

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Uzbekistan has a history as old as the civilization of the world. The country got its independence pretty recently on 1 September 1991. The country is notorious for its infamous history of constant terrorist attacks, invasions and militant rule. It is believed that it was country’s riches, which constantly attracted the militants to this land.

Popular Places
Some of the most happening places in the country are Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. The only word picture that can describe these words rightfully would be of desert caravans moving along in serpentine manner, twirling dervishes and endless deserts fused with beautiful architecture which seems to have merged into the sand.

Getting Around
Trains are one of the easiest means to enter into this country via the neighbouring countries, such as Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Russia. There are also regular flights from Russia to Tashkent International Airport. Other most convenient way to roam about is via hiring cars within the city.

Places of Entertainment
When talking about popular places in Uzbekistan, Tashkent is one place you should visit. There is a massive difference between the architecture and lifestyle of old and new Tashkent. The new Tashkent was built after the massive earthquake in 1966.

Some other places of interest include the State Art Museum, The Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts and Shash Mausoleum. Individuals who are interested in art, embroidered handicrafts would especially love these places.

It is important to note that the highest Uzbek note is worth only US$0.80. So, if you would try exchanging a $100 bill into the local currency, be prepared to receive a bundle of sum in lieu of it. Secondly, the latest news has it that the increased vigilance has resulted in leveling the price for black market and bank rates. So you really don’t need to bother about getting your dollars exchanged in the black markets.

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