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 Backpackers Cities in Europe

Backpacking top cities in Europe
Top backpackers Cities to visit in Europe

Europe is packed with some of the best holiday destinations in the world and it can be a bit of a strain on the finances for travelers if they don’t know how and where to save money during their holiday. No matter which country or city you intend to visit in Europe there are always ways to save money, and one of the best ways to get more your money is to check out the Top Backpackers cities to visit in Europe.

Backpackers always know how to travel on a shoe string budget and get more for their money whether it be by staying in budget accommodation, visiting famous sights on the cheap or eating like a king without breaking the bank.

There is no stead fast list of the best backpackers holiday destinations in Europe but these are definitely among the top places to check out, so not having lots of money doesn’t mean you have to miss out and give up your dream to travel to some of the most enjoyable places in Europe

London England – To many travelers London England may seem one of the most expensive cities to visit and not a place for backpackers or budget travelers at all but in fact there are many ways and place to stay in London that offer affordable accommodation. One of the most popular budget accommodation in London are youth hostels they are ideal for anyone looking for a cheap place to stay, as there is a variety of accommodation on offer from a bed in a shared dorm room to private en-suite rooms where the toilet and shower are in the same room.

If Hostels are not to your taste there are always, bed and breakfast, guesthouse and budget hotels all offering a very affordable place to stay and great alternative to expensive hotels. Other easy ways to save money in London without missing out on anything is to get a day travel card, this enables you to hop on and off buses, trams, underground and trains for 24 hours, you can visit a whole range of sights and places to visit and take countless pictures without paying for an expensive tour bus.

Lastly when it comes to food and drink, always carry some snacks and drinks with you that can be bought very cheaply from a local supermarket, it stops and spur of the moment impulse buying of £2.50 bottles of water instead of 50p from the shop. Most accommodations include breakfast in the room price so be sure to fill up in the morning before you set out for the day, and then for Lunch and Evening meal always budget what you want to spend and stick to it to stop you from over spending.

Dublin Ireland Dublin is world famous for its hospitality, great entertainment and great accommodation but there a lot of things that can be a bit expensive, but there are ways to enjoy Dublin without breaking the bank. This begins with knowing that some of the best places to visit in Dublin can be enjoyed for free, so there is no need to waste money when visiting places or the sights there are always free entry at certain times or even other things to do that don’t cost money.

When it comes to cheap places to stay for budget traveler Dublin offers a range of accommodations from bed and breakfast, guesthouse, cheap hostels in Dublin and budget hotels all offering a great alternative to expensive hotels.

Amsterdam NetherlandsAmsterdam in Netherlands is famous for being great value and is a top holiday destination for Group Booking, budget travelers and backpackers, but over the years prices have gradually been creeping higher and higher. In order to still grab a bargain in Amsterdam you need to know where to stay and what to do to save money.

Booking a budget accommodation in Amsterdam is the first step to enjoying the city without breaking the bank, since Amsterdam has grown in popularity one of the best ways to ensure the best price for your Amsterdam Hostel or budget hotel is to book well in advance at least a couple of months, because what most people don’t relies is that the closer the arrival date the less amount of availability so the prices increase, and anyone who arrives without a place to stay and just walks into a hostel or budget hotel accommodation they will pay a lot more those who booked in advance, and in some cases they may be left without a place to stay at all.

Since Amsterdam is a compact city your best weapon against spending too much while seeing the sights and visiting different places is foot power, walking around Amsterdam is one of the best ways to see everything and enjoy whats on offer without spending a single Euro on transportation, and not to worry if it gets to the end of the day and your feeling a bit tired I’m sure you can spare a few Euros for a tram ride back to your Hostel in Amsterdam.

Prague Czech RepublicPrague in Czech Republic is known for some great value place to stay and cheap things to do, but unless you book your Prague budget accommodation in advance and use your common sense while in Prague you will still pay too much for everything.

Prague is a popular tourist destination and therefore there are a lot of over priced things when it comes to accommodation, food and drink and visiting the sights, so knowing how to get the best of Prague without breaking the bank is vital to anyone who wants to enjoy he city on a budget. One of the best value accommodation are hostels in Prague they offer both private rooms and beds in shared dorms so every budget and taste is catered for

Barcelona SpainBarcelona in Spain is another great holiday destinations for those looking for an affordable place to stay, there are many types of budget accommodation on offer for all travelers young and old, the city centre offer bed and breakfast, guesthouse and hostels both in the gothic area and across th city.

Getting around Barcelona is easy as there is a great Metro and public transportation system of buses so getting to and from the sights and places to visit is easy and quite quick if you plan your route before hand

Rome ItalyRome in Italy is famous for many monuments and sights that attract millions of visitors every year from students, independent travelers, couples and budget holiday makers as well as business travelers. Rome is a well established holiday destination and caters for all budgets from luxury to those on a much tighter budget, the key is to grab a bargain and not spend to much on other things while on holiday and definitely don’t get lured into any tourist traps of buying over priced food, drink and trinkets.

There are many ways to save money on holiday from buying snacks and drinks from a local super market to staying in budget accommodation and checking out the sights for free or when there are discounted ticket prices.

Theses are just a few of the great backpacking destinations in Europe, but if you start with these then you ca check out some of the other places after, most of all happy travels and be safe.

Remember that traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on anything, in fact you will be able to enjoy more because you know where to find a bargain and make your money go further and do more and see more

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