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 Cheapest places to stay in London, Paris and New York

cheapest place to stay in London England
Cheapest accommodation to stay in London, Paris & New York

No matter which country or city you want to travel to are always a range of hostels & hotels accommodation to choose from, the prices of these accommodation range from the expensive luxury hotels to the moderately priced budget hotels and motels to the bargains that can be found in bed & breakfast, guesthouse and hostels.

It must be said that the more popular the city the more expensive the accommodation can be but there are also a lot of bargains that can be found in these popular holiday city destinations.

Check out some of the best value accommodations worldwide:

Cheap place to stay in London
London Chillhouse Prices from £9
Journeys Greenwich West Hostel from £9.95
Abercorn House Prices from £15
Arsenal Tavern Hostel Prices from £11

Cheap place to stay in Paris
Angleterre Hotel from 24 Euros

Cheap place to stay in New York
Royal Park Hotel from $40 USD
Broadway Hostel & Hotel from $50 USD
Morningside Inn Hotel from $50 USD
Ramada Hotel of Rockville Centre from $40 USD

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