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 Copenhagen Eco friendly holiday destination

Copenhagen wind turbines, eco friendly energy sources,
Copenhagen in Denmark Eco friendly holiday destination

There are a many factors to consider when planning your holiday; some of the major ones are air fare, hotels, bed & breakfast, Youth Hostels and budget accommodation. They all play a major factor in where, when and for how long you can afford to travel on Holiday, if they are not organised well you won’t get the most for your money.

What a lot of people don’t think about when they travel, is what impact they will have on the environment the carbon footprint we all leave behind, if you are a travellers that is mindful of what impact you have on the environment, the perfect holiday destination for you is Copenhagen in Denmark.

Copenhagen is hailed as being at the forefront of the Future Cities, and Denmark as a whole is working hard to use environmentally friendly forms of energy, 25% of Denmark’s Power is from Wind Turbines.

Copenhagen is working hard to be a completely eco friendly city and its goal is to be Carbon Neutral by 2025. Copenhagen has a large community of cyclists and this city is definitely a place where pedal power is the norm, Copenhagen also has Carbon Neutral trains that the cyclists can take their bikes on, the power for the trains is from Wind and water power and that helps to off set the carbon emissions.

Some of the hostels in Copenhagen and Hotels accommodation in Copenhagen are also trying to cut their Carbon emissions and become more Eco Friendly, by using solar panels, wind power as well as educating visitors on recycling and renewable energy sources

For eco friendly beer lovers Copenhagen even has Carbon Neutral beer, they achieve this by cutting their emissions and off setting their emissions, the owner of the brewery said that one of the major reasons for going Carbon Neutral was due to the high electricity costs involved in producing the beer, that’s why he decided to change and go Carbon Neutral, so there are financial gains and money to be made for going carbon neutral.

People in Copenhagen are welcoming and friendly, the city offers many attractions and places to visit for travellers, and there is no denying that when you are in Copenhagen you get the Eco Friendly bug, visitors enjoy walking or cycling around the city and enjoying everything Copenhagen has to offer.

Copenhagen has taken over from Amsterdam as being the Cycle city of Europe.

Being an Eco friendly traveller should start at home with things like recycling, turning off lights and turning off TV’s, and Hi Fi etc instead of leaving them on standby, walking and using a bicycle when ever possible, these are all small things we can easily do but if everyone makes a small change, it will make a big impact.

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