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 Dragons Take Over Poznan

Dragon Boat World Championship in Poznan Poland
Dragon Boat Race World Championship in Poznan August 2014.

In terms of sporting events there are many great boat races throughout the year, some more famous than others, one of the most well known is the annual Oxford & Cambridge University Boat Race in UK, that started back in 1829.

One of the fastest growing types of Boat racing that is very popular with spectators worldwide is Dragon Boat Racing, originating in the Far East, this type of racing has become a popular canoeing discipline for both recreation and competitions and there are always a lot of suitable accommodation for group, but booking in advance is the only way not to be with a place to stay.

Apart from the fast action, energetic competitors and drummer beating out the tempo of the racers, one of the other attractions of this type of racing is the Dragon figures on the bow of each of the boats and the colourful decorations on many of the boats that make each competing boat unique and very eye catching.

Without a doubt, the most sought after title in the Dragon Boat Racing calendar is to be the World Champion, and this year the ICF Dragon Boat World Championship is due to take place in Poznan in Poland from the 27-31 August, the city is ready for the many spectators and competitors that are due to arrive in the city.

The Competition is taking place in the north of Poznan, while the majority of the cheap hostels in Poznan, hotels and budget accommodations are in the centre of the city close to all the sights and places to visit, the transportation system is good so getting to the Dragon Boat races is easy.

Poznan is not one the largest cities but there are plenty of affordable hostels & budget accommodations in Poznan and many group of spectators and teams of competitors are set to descend on the city, place to stay are selling out fast but there are still a few accommodations available with affordable rooms and beds in Poznan.

The International Canoeing Federation that organises the World Championship is just one of the many canoeing associations and federations that arranges Dragon Boat race competitions and events throughout the year, but the World Championship is by far the largest and most prestigious title.

Other notable associations include:

International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)
Asian Dragon Boat Federation (ADBF)
European Dragon Boat Federation (EDBF)
British Dragon Boat Racing Association (BDA)
Pan American Dragon Boat Federation (PADBF)
United States Dragon Boat Federation (USDBF) to mention but a few.

Dragon Boat racing is here to stay and its popularity is growing every year, so why not check where a competition is taking place next and get ready for a trip that you will never forget.

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