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 Gold Medal for Hungarian Dragon Boat Team at World Championship

Dragon Boat Race at World Championship in Poznan 2014

Hungarian Dragon Boat Team & Hostels247 Poznan Group Accommodation, the Winning Combination at the 2014 Dragon Boat National World Championship 2014

The 2014 ICF Dragon Boat National World Championship in Poznan was an undoubted success, with many teams competing hard all striving to win and take home some medals and prove they are the best in the different events from 200 Meters to 2000 Meters.

With a busy 4 day schedule and disciplines across the board the right accommodation was essential as the base for any team wanting to win some Medals at the World Championship, after all you need to rest and sleep well, with easy access to the Malta Regatta Course to the north of the city.if you want to do your best at the competition.

The Hungarian Dragon Boat Team Stayed at specially selected hostels in central Poznan and this winning combination of world class Dragon Boat Team and helped them enjoy success at the Championship, The Hungarian Team came second over all in the Medals Table with 17 Medals in Total, 8 Gold, 7 Silver and 2 Bronze, and they placed well in other events also, just missing out on a Bronze Medal on 6 occasions.

20 Seater: Masters Woman/ Gold 1st place on 500 meter
10 Seater: Masters Woman/ Silver 2nd place 200 meter
20 seater: Senior women/ 2nd place on 200 meters
20 seater: Senior men/ 3rd place on 200 meters

10 Seater:Masters MIX / 4th place on 500 meter
20 Seater:Masters MIX/ 4th place on 500 meter
20 seater: Senior women/ 4th place on 500 meters
20 seater Senior men/4th place on 500 meters
20 Seater:Masters MAN/ 4th place on 200 meter
10 Seater:Masters MAN/ 4th place on 200meter
10 Seater:Senior Woman/ 5th place on 2000 meter
10 Seater:Senior MIX/ 6th place

The Hungarian teams success was only possible to all the hard work and dedication of the whole team trining and working hard throughout the year to get faster and stronger, great trainers and having the team spirit to work together to be the best they could be.

Preparations for the competition involved a combination of many things including, 3 training sessions a week, healthy diet, exercise and dedication to be the best and strive to win at each event and do their best which can be seen from the results they achieved, only practice and dedication can help to win in these championships.

The team was a selected team and had members from Vaskakas, GYVSE, MVSE, A-HÍD Dragon from Budapest, Napsárkányok from Budapest, Balatonfüred and from the Tatai, Hódy SE, so only the best of the best were taking part to help ensure sucess.

The team member were: Rigó Attiláné, Gellér Ágnes, Lengyel Veronika, Szilos Attila, Margl Ferenc, Bruszt László, Skutovics László, Ivánfi Mónika, Ardeleán Eszter, Kilácskó Attiláné, Nagyné Bódis, Mártika, Kótiné Ági, Szabó Gabriella, Bögös Attila, Lazúr Tibor, Füzy Péter, Kilácskó Attila, Németh Henriette, Szakál Miklós, Velencei Zoltán, Mak Balázs, Szarka Tamás, Benedek Árpád, Fischer Erik, Gőbel Andrea, Obermayer Bernátné, Bán Magdolna, Bóta Kriszta, Salbert Imre, Horváth Mária, Házi Zsuzsa, Sümeg Szilvia, Kerék Ildikó, Ungi Ilona, Pintér Gabriella, Halász Gabriella, Oláh Zsófia, Berbás Hanna, Barassó Zoltán, Kővári Károly, Ráczpali Lajos, Mester András, Dóra Zoltán, Sümeg Antal, Tábori Krisztián, Sajdli Tamas

There is no doubt that Dragon Boat Racing is great fun to watch and it is increasing in popularity, it combines canoeing skills, boat racing and spectacular boats and rhythmic drumming to keep the pace, its a unique and very exciting sport to watch.

Once you start watching a race you can't stop its addictive, the next Dragon Boat National World Championship is due to take place in Moscow in 2016, so why not start planning your holiday now to see the event, its going to be another great championship filled with excitement,the group accommodation in Moscow sells out fast so start getting ready Now.

See You there :)

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