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 Holiday in Europe

Amsterdam Holiday, hostel place to stay in Amsterdam - Hostels247
Holiday in Europe – Expect More from European Multi-city Tour

Europe holiday means exploration of stimulating natural magnificence combined with the historical marvels and ancient monuments. Many cities in Europe have been top of the list of the world’s most exciting holiday destinations for years.

Europe offers a wonderful blend of historical and cultural heritage sites, national parks, beaches, bustling cities and amazing entertainment venues for art lovers and partygoers. Add to the list of many things European cities has to offer are the mouth-watering cuisines and exotic beverages at the restaurants, cafes and bars. Spending time shopping at the countless shopping centres and high streets is another experience to count on.

Nothing can compare to a multi-city holiday in Europe that includes the unforgettable cities like London, Brussels, Rome, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, Barcelona and many more. each offers visitors amazing sights and place to stay in Amsterdam Hostels, Paris Hotels, Brussels Hotels and many accommodation options in each city.  Learn what makes these tours truly fulfilling for holiday makers.

Planning a Convenient Multi-city Tour
The fact that the top European cities are conveniently connected through efficient transportation systems of budget airlines and trains makes multi-city tours easy for the tourists. Here are some facts that you will cherish about the ease of these multi-city tours:
•    European cities have some of the world busiest airports connected by domestic and international airlines. Heathrow Airport in London; Brussels Airport in Brussels, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Amsterdam and many others entertain the air traffic within the European cities.
•    Travelling to different cities in Europe on train is an experience of the lifetime. Eurostar that connects London with Paris and Brussels is the best example in this regard. Other cities like Amsterdam, Venice, Lille, Milan and Luzon among others can easily be connected using rail transportation.
•    Ferries offer equally easy options to the tourists on multi-city tours in Europe. Denmark, Spain, Italy, France and many other countries are served by regular ferry services.
•    You may also rent a car and enjoy covering the miles on the European roads, enjoying the natural extravagance that comes your way. Learn about the road rules and border regulations in advance.
•    Accommodation Options, every European city offers a wide variety of place to stay such as hostels in London, Amsterdam youth hostels, Hotels in Rome, Brussels Hotels and many other  type of accommodation to suit all travellers.

English is the widely-spoken language in different European cities, making communication easy throughout a multi-city Europe holiday. Euro is the common currency used in these cities, further making the tours hassle-free, except in England where Pounds Sterling are used and in Switzerland were Swiss Francs are used. The widespread cultural similarity beautifully exists among the diverse regions of Europe that adds to the fun of visiting each and every city.

Some Great Cities to Choose
London is indeed the most appropriate choice to begin a multi-city European tour. Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Marble Arch and the London Eye are among the noteworthy tourist spots. You can’t afford to miss visiting the British Museum, National Portrait Gallery and other similar museums and art galleries. When in London, you must not miss the concerts and theatrical performances.

Leave from London to Brussels, the Belgium’s capital city known for the landmarks like Atomium and Statue of Europe. Don’t miss visiting the popular breweries in the city. Participate in the architectural tours and taste the wide varieties of beers and chocolates. Shop for clothes and books at the cheapest of the prices.

Choose a discounted flight or drive a rented car for 3-4 hours to reach Paris from Brussels, or take Euros star for a quicker option. The Capital of Fashion needs no introduction as one of the top-visited tourist cities. Schedule your time to visit the most popular historical sites and museums and reserve a special trip to the Eiffel Tower. Take a rail route to another French City called Lille. The city is the host to numerous Flemish architectural constructions to explore.

Amsterdam is ideally the next good destination on a multi-city Europe holiday. Apart from a number of historic city centres, the city also boasts of a number of museums and some popular and trendy beaches. You may be lucky to be a part of the numerous festive celebrations organized throughout the year.

Many cheap flights can be found to visit Rome from Amsterdam. The most ardent witness of the Roman Empire, the city leaves tourists spellbound with its long historical association. The Pantheon, Colosseum and Piazza Venezia are among the popular venues to visit. The piazzas and museums, along with the beautiful Catholic churches, should be on your list. Barcelona in Spain can be another city in your itinerary, as the city offers the perfect blend of Gaudi architecture and Modernist style. Harbour Cable Car and La Rambla are other among many other attractions in the city.  

There is no limit to the destinations you would like to visit on such a multi-city Europe holiday. A number of tour packages available with the travel agencies should help you in this direction. At the same time, make sure to research about the lifestyle, culture and tourism of these cities to have the best time of your life.

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