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 Is Venice Sinking

Gondola Ride in Venice Italy, travel to venice
Venice Italy always congers up images of dreamy lovers or romantic couples enjoying a Gondola ride along one of the many Canals that are synonymous with Venice.

Venice Italy is without a doubt one of the most sort after romantic holiday destinations in the world, with quaint Hotels, guesthouse, hostels in Venice and holiday accommodations, Venice receivies millions of visitors from all over the world, what makes Venice a unique place to visit is water ways and canals that criss cross the city, and beautiful architecture of the water side historical buildings and monuments

But over the past years there has been much speculation and rumours that the City of Venice is slowly but surely sinking, or to put it more literally the rising water is slowly corroding and wearing away the much loved water side buildings.

It’s hard to determine the truth from the fiction these days as nearly everyone can access the internet and write information that is meant to the truth online, there are no real moderators of online content, its up to the reader to form their own conclusion, or dig deeper for more facts

The stories about Venice Sinking are true, this doesn't mean the city will disappear in one day, it simply means that Venice required a lot of investment and infrastructure maintenance because the city is surrounded by water. The city of Venice itself lies on wooden columns pounded into a sedimentary island, which naturally sinks over the years.

With the increased global warming and the Arctic ice melting among a variety of other contributing factors, the change in the level of the water table globally will of course see some landscapes definitely change drastically over the years to come, one of these land scapes in Venice.

To be honest whether Venice is or is not sinking, Venice will remain one of the top travel destinations, don’t miss out on visiting Venice, take a ride in a Gondola and whisper sweet nothings in your sweethearts ear, or just take a stroll around the city and sample what is on offer

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