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 Madrid to Valencia in 90 Minutes

Madrid to Valencia in 90 minutes by high speed train
The train in Spain that put the plane out of business

Getting to where you want to go on Holiday quickly and easily is one of the major factors to consider when planning your holiday, for a lot of people there are not too many options that are fast and inexpensive.

Spain benefits from a very good High Speed train that offers a great alternative to flying to many cities. Since the opening of the AVE high speed train from Madrid to Valencia, Train travel time from Madrid to Valencia has been slashed from over 3 hours to just 90 minutes, the accommodation and seating arrangements on the trains is at least as good as any on a plane, and there are three classes of travel on the trains.

Air lines have seen a significant drop in customers in the route from Madrid to Valencia since the High Speed Train was opened and their market share has decrease by about 30% the situation caused the Budget Airline Ryan air to terminate service between the two cities, it is worth noting that the quickest flight time is an hour, 30 minutes faster than the train, but when you factor in the time to check in, waiting to board the plane , then after landing going to collect your luggage and finally leaving the airport, trains are a lot less hassle.

By bringing more visitors to Valencia city by this high speed train, Valencia has benefited from tourist and visitors staying longer for their holiday in Valencia, Hotels in Valencia and Hostels in Valencia have noticed that guests stay for more nights or take a later evening train, as they can quickly and easily return back to Madrid, also travellers who would not have considered Valencia as a detination to visit for the day can now easily take an early train, enjoy the whole day at the beach and enjoying what Valencia has to offer then take an evening train back to Madrid.

For Valencia faster train travel from Madrid the capital also means faster economic growth, Spain’s trains are among the fastest in the world, they are faster than Japans Bullet and Frances TGV. The Spanish AVE train travels up to 205 miles per hour and if the train needed to be stopped in the case of an emergency it would take 3 kilometres to stop the train so safety along the tracks is of high importance.

The train between Madrid and Valencia is nearly always on time, once you take your seat and the train sets off from Madrid, after a snack and a quick read of the newspaper you are already in Valencia, from the capital to the beach in only 90 minutes.

Valencia’s transformation is well underway, its gone from an industrial city to tourist resort and popular holiday destination hosting world class events and offering travellers excellent accommodation and fast transportation in under 10 years.

This is a perfect example of the train in Spain clearly beating the Plane.

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