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 No Advice From The Clueless

Internet advice from the knowledgeable not the clueless
It Doesn't Make Sense To Take Advice From a Person Who Is Clueless

In real life there would be no reason to take directions from a clueless person, if you want to quickly and easily go directly to your destination, it really wouldn’t make sense.

In today’s internet and smart phone driven world many times people take advice from total strangers, follow links from unknown sources and just don’t take as much care about what is done online, as in real life, this leads to a lot of cases of infected computers crashed Smart phone and many Trojan viruses.

The internet and all these high tech phones and devices are great, they have opened a world of information and technology to the masses, but just like anything else in life you have to use your common sense and know what you’re doing.

These days nearly everything can be done online from the basics of checking your email to buying your weekly groceries, booking your holiday flights and hotel accommodation to checking your bank balance and watching a movie

There are a few pointers to help you stay safe and not be a gullible internet surfer

For emails, never open an attachment from someone you don’t know, it could be a virus.

Do not give anyone your bank details to send millions of dollars from a deceased husbands account it’s a scam!

Online prize draws and competitions asking for your credit card details as security are a scam.

If something sound too good to be true, remember it’s probably not true so don’t be fooled.

When buying online, only enter your information on a secure page that has https the letter s at the end stands for secure.

Also make sure you only use well known sites to purchase anything online.

Remember social media sites are great for some things but remember that once information and pictures are out there on the internet even if you delete them, there is still a trace of them somewhere, so never post or write something that you don’t want everyone to know about or see

All in all, there are so many advantages of using online services and smart phones, you just need to be careful and tread carefully. Don’t be gullible as there are a lot of scams and devious people looking to take advantage, so surf the net with your wits about you and be a savvy internet user.

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