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Gold Medal for Hungarian Dragon Boat Team at World Championship

Dragon Boat Race at World Championship in Poznan 2014 Hungarian Dragon Boat Team & Hostels247 Poznan Group Accommodation, the Winning Combination at the 2014 Dragon Boat National World Championship 2014 The 2014 ICF Dragon Boat National World Championship in Poznan was an undoubted ... read more

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Krakow World Youth Day 2016 Accommodation

World Youth Day in Krakow Poland Get Your Group Hostel Accommodation Ready For World Youth Day in Krakow 2016 There are many great youth events and celebrations every year, but only a few are celebrated by people from all over the world, meeting to celebrate together. ... read more

London The Best City to Holiday

London Hostel accommodation Why is London The Best City to Visit on Holiday. Have you ever wondered why London is such a popular holiday destination, or why it’s always top of most groups must visit cities. Well everyone has their own favourite thing ... read more

Dragons Take Over Poznan

Dragon Boat World Championship in Poznan Poland Dragon Boat Race World Championship in Poznan August 2014. In terms of sporting events there are many great boat races throughout the year, some more famous than others, one of the most well known is the annual Oxford & Cambridge ... read more

New York Hotels For Budget Holiday

New York Accommodation Close to all the sights New York Holiday Helps Focus The Mind When money is tight and you are struggling to make ends meet and pay all the bills, the last thing most people think about would be a holiday or weekend away, but actually a break from the stress of ... read more

Saving Money is Easy

Save Money on Holiday Accommodation, Food and Drink, Entertainment and Everything. Everyone has their own opinion about everything is life, but sometimes its good to take into consideration other peoples advise and prior experience as ... read more

Travel DNA and Hostels

Great Value Hostl Dorm Rooms Hostels Enable Us to Embrace Our Travel DNA, Explore and Experience New Places Our never ending endeavour to explore and discover new things affects every part of our life, even if we don’t realise it, we can’t avoid it as ... read more

Tough Love and Hostels

Take control of your life Take Control.  Get a grip and stop complaining, what's needed is a bit of tough love and clear thinking. There is no point in thinking of what could have been, or what has already been lost. What is needed is to try and ... read more

Manhattan Hostels Summer Madness

Affordable Private rooms in New York The Best Way To Save Money On New York Accommodation Take advantage of the great deals on offer for New York cheap hostels and budget hotels accommodation during Summer, here is a sure fire way to save on the price paid and not loose ... read more

Macau Holiday Paradise

Affordable Macau Hotel Room Macao offers something for everyone. When it comes to great holiday destinations there are always the old favorites that attractions millions of visitors every year. But if you want to enjoy an amazing holiday in a city that can ... read more

Barcelona Hostel Happiness

Barcelona City Centre Barcelona Beach Hostel is the Key to Holiday Happiness for the Whole Family. It doesn't matter where you go these days, there is nothing like a kids free zone, now this can be seen as a good as well as a bad thing, it really depends if ... read more

Hostels and Pizza

Cheap Dorm Beds Affordable Hostels Accommodation, Pizza, Take Away Food and Organising the Finances Taking a look at the finances can be a bit depressing sometimes, if your like the majority of people trying to make ends meets and pay all the bills. ... read more

All Age Hostels

Affordable dorm accommodation for all ages Enjoy Backpackers Hostels for Holiday No Matter your Age It was not many years ago when I enjoyed the carefree life of a young backpacker, travelling around the world and visiting new cities, always doing everything on a shoestring and ... read more

Crazy Hostel People

Small Dorm Rooms at Hostels When it comes to affordable accommodation there is no doubt that hostels are at the forefront of affordable accommodations for many budget travellers, no matter which city or destination they want to visit. But there is a large section ... read more

Accommodation and Balanced Holidays

Private Room with En-suite Bathroom The Right Accommodation Help Balance Holidays & Make Unforgettable Memories Companies create the need in people's mind to travel and go on holiday, but in the end it's YOU that has to pay for everything and the one that creates the ... read more

Latest Holiday Trend

Affordable Dorm rooms Follow the Latest Holiday Trend and Save Money on your Holiday. In nearly everything in life there are always trends and certain fashions many people follow, this is what drives our innate sense of wanting to belong and be part of the ... read more

Great Accommodation at the Right Price

London Youth Hostels Getting a grip of everything life throws at you can take its toll on everyone, and it’s great to be able to take a step back and try to relax just a bit, but that can at the same time cause even more stress, as it takes time to ... read more

Explore Havana and Macau

Private Hotel Room Enjoy an amazing holiday in a city you have never visited before. Over the years we have forgotten the original reason why people wanted to travel, and that is to explore, discover new places and experience something different, it was ... read more

Holiday Happiness in Havana

Hostel rivate Room Come Enjoy the Rhythm and Feel the Beat in Havana Cuba, Holiday Happiness is waiting Havana, Cuba offers visitors everything they could wish for in a holiday destination, sun, sand and beautiful beaches, vibrant city centre with great ... read more

Accommodation Room Types Explained

Double bedroom for 2 people Confused about the types of rooms in Hostels & Hotels? Here’s a helping hand Depending on if you’re a seasoned traveller, a virgin holiday maker or just in need of a bit of clarification, there is definitely something ... read more

Right Accommodation Avoids Money Troubles

Cheap dormitory rooms How to avoid a spanner in the works of life and have a hassle free Holiday. It’s hard to plan for all eventualities in life, and sometimes things crop up that put a spanner in the works and suddenly everything is out of sync. But ... read more

Pay Less For Great Sleep

Affordable Private Rooms Get more for your money on holiday & pay less for a great place to sleep If you want to experience the world and all the amazing cities and holiday destinations but don’t have a big budget for travel and accommodation, you ... read more

Small Airline Seats Cramp Passengers

Cramped Airline Seats Shrinking Airline Seats Are Squashing An Ever Increasing Sized Population. A lot of the time people say, you are imagining something, and usually that is the case, but if you thought that your last flight seems a bit more cramped than ... read more

The Right Holiday Accommodation

The right accommodation makes a great Holiday The Right Holiday Accommodation is The Key To a Successful and Enjoyable Holiday Taking a break and enjoying your self for a few days, that’s what we all like to do if the finances allow. A lot of the time it’s not just ... read more

Is Summer The Best Time To Go On Holiday

Summer Great Time to Travel on Holiday Is Summer the Best Time of Year To Travel? This may seem like a simple question with a decisive answer, but actually there is not just one answer to this question; in fact there are multiple answers and its very dependant on who is ... read more

Informed decisions Make Happy Holidays

Informed Decisions About Where To Stay Makes Happy Holidays Knowledge and Information about Travel & Accommodation Helps Travellers make Informed Decisions about where to stay while on holiday Its always reassuring to have a ... read more

Havana a Great Place for Holiday on a Budget

Havana Cuba Classic Car and Colonial Buildings Why Havana Cuba is a Great Place To Have a Holiday on a Budget Havana Cuba is a bit of an unexplored and hidden holiday destination for many European and Western travellers, who head directly for the usual places like, London, Paris and ... read more

Travel The World and Embrace Life

Travel the World, Embrace Life and Be Thankful For What we Have Been Given No this is not a flower power, let’s go hug a tree type of thing, what I am talking about is something quite different. What I mean by the Embracing ... read more

What To Do On Holiday

Big Ben in London What are the most popular things to do on holiday? The list of things to do on holiday is endless from sun bathing, relaxing on the beach and by the swimming pool, visiting the sights, shopping, wining and dining, going to the ... read more

Nigeria Needs Efficient Train Service

Efficient and Affordable Integrated Train Service Will Help Usher in Travel & Tourism Boom to Nigeria At the moment there is no denying the fact that there is no train service in Nigeria, or what you would consider to be a scheduled ... read more

London the Unrivalled Global City

London the capital of England is a top holiday destination here are just 5 of the reasons why London should be on everyones must visit cities. 1. Amazing Choice of Accommodation London is without a doubt the top holiday destination ... read more

Travel Therapy

There’s Nothing Better Than Taking Some Time to Indulge In Some Travel Therapy Now travel therapy is very similar to its sister retail therapy, as they are both used by people who want to relax and get away from the worries of ... read more

Holiday Expectations

Affordable holiday accommodation Change Your Holiday Expectations & Achieve a More Reachable Goal. It’s a great feeling to be free to do what you want and not worry about work, paying the bills and every day problems, even if its just for a few weeks. To ... read more

Hidden Traveler

Release The Hidden Traveller and Explore The World There is a hidden traveler inside all of us just waiting to be released, there are many restrictions on why this free spirited traveller has not been able to spread their wings and ... read more

Out of Box Thinking

Think Outside the Box What Box Are We Meant To Be Thinking Out Of? Think out of the box, well we have all heard this expression at one time or another and it’s a good piece of advice, if you understand what it means in reality, but what does this ... read more

Head to Havana

Havana Cuba Casa Private Room Head To Havana The Tropical Paradise for Budget Travellers. The coolest holiday destination for budget travellers in the know, is without a doubt Havana Cuba, the city offers an amazing combination of friendly people, affordable ... read more

Holiday Hidden Costs

Holidays can cost a lot more than expected, don’t be caught out by hidden costs. There are billions people in the world and thousands of holiday destinations, each country and destination has different customs, sights and great ... read more

Whats Behind Slogans

Its not the Slogan That Matter But the Substance Behind It Slogans and sayings are one of the best way to catch people’s attention, and bring to mind a product, place or some information. Now saying that there is no point ... read more

Blues Busting Bargains

Buy one get one free Bargains Oh No, Not Again! It’s a common saying and it can refer to countless number of situations and unwanted events, where the mistakes or misfortune of the past have been repeated again. It’s a statement of ... read more

Affordable Holidays For Everyone

Holidays by the beach Have you ever head the saying its the thought that counts, its very common around Christmas, birthdays and celebrations as a way to make people feel more comfortable about not being ale to buy the most expensive gifts or have extravagant ... read more

Perfectly Balanced Holiday

Perfect Holiday Means The Right Balance of Tranquillity and Entertainment To me a perfect holiday means Peace and Tranquillity combined with famous sights, great entertainment and amazing restaurants to wine and dine, not forgetting ... read more

Creating a Need For Holidays

Do you know what you want? Do you really know what you want, or are you just craving what the advertisers want you to. In the past people had a clearer idea of their own likes and dislikes, today people still think they form their own personal likes and dislikes, ... read more

Cheap Hostels in Top Cities

Cheap Prices For Great Accommodation in Top Cities When money is tight, it’s important to get a good deal and as much for hard earned cash as possible. This is true for every aspect of life, here are some of the cheapest hostels ... read more

Unique and Bizarre Hostels

Dog Guesthouse in Idaho Some of the most bizarre places to find hostels & hotels in the world Finding the right type of accommodation can make or break a holiday, but sometimes the usual types of hostels and hotels are not what travelers are looking for, ... read more

No Advice From The Clueless

Internet advice from the knowledgeable not the clueless It Doesn't Make Sense To Take Advice From a Person Who Is Clueless In real life there would be no reason to take directions from a clueless person, if you want to quickly and easily go directly to your destination, it really ... read more

Holidays With Personality

Just as a person’s pet is supposedly meant to reflect some of their owners personality and character traits a person’s holiday choices also reflects their personality. Everyone looks different and has a slightly different ... read more

Budget Accommodation 4 Cs

4 C's Explained Do You Know What The 4 C’s Are? If you like a bit of bling for yourself or your partner, then you must have heard about how to pick the right Diamond, using the grading system of the 4 C’s of Diamonds, which the Cut, Colour, ... read more

Different View of Famous Sights

Is this Big Ben or something else Famous Sights From a Different Perspective. Every city in the world has at least one famous sight that attracts visitors every year, and top cities have many. Some travelers enjoy the sights and places to visit without a second though, ... read more

Every Journey is Born From an Idea

Journey Through Life by No journey can begin without a crucial first move, which sets into motion the path that one needs to travel and rest of the events that will determine the outcome of the journey. A great journey in this sense is not only relating to ... read more

Summer Holiday in Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace Berlin Germany The best time of year to visit Berlin on holiday is Summer time. Summer is the best time to travel on holiday to Berlin; travelling during summer can be a bit more expensive than other times of year, but its well worth it, if you have ... read more

How to Save Money in Paris

See Eiffel Tower in Paris France for Free Tips on How to Save Money in Paris & still see all the sights Hey, you got to Paris! Congratulations! Sadly enough the global economic crisis hits us all and we need to save money even when on vacation. Paris is a great European ... read more

Where to Eat Cheap in Rome

Pasta Dish From Pasta, Pizza, Rotisserie Chicken and lots more, there are plenty of places to eat cheap in Rome if you know where to look. Ok, you are already on your dream trip across Europe and you are in Rome! Good for you! Too bad the economy ... read more

Europe Great Holiday Cities

Trevi Fountain in Rome Italy For a city in Europe to be described as a great destination, it must offer a lot to visitors of all types in terms of accommodation, things to do, wine and dine, and places to visit. All the cities below offer that and much more For ... read more

Toronto A Great Travel Destination

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada Safe and relaxed city, with lots of things to do, that is the Toronto, Ontario, Canada Way     Toronto in Canada, is a holiday destination where one visit is not enough to enjoy everything on offer from the sights and ... read more

Barcelona Holiday

Magic Fountain Display Barcelona Historical City of Barcelona Great Holiday Destination Barcelona Spain is a historic city with lots of amazing places to visit, nothing shows this better than the most famous and iconic sight of Barcelona the La Sagrada Familia ... read more

Paris Holiday

Eiffel Tower Make the Most of Your Paris Holiday See More & Spend Less The Enchanting city of Paris is one of the most visited city destinations in the world and has some of the most recognisable and famous tourist sights anywhere like the ... read more

Rome Offers Visitors More

Trevi Fountain Rome Rome City of Culture is Amazing Holiday Destination Rome Italy offers visitors an amazing array of sights and places to visit as well as some great Rome hotels accommodation here and restaurants to wine and dine. Rome is one of the ... read more

Get The Most Out of Macau Holiday

Macau Holiday Getting the Most out of your holiday in Macau no matter your budget, can be achieved by good planning, knowing your budget and sticking to it and not allowing the excitement of the moment influence your otherwise good judgement Macau in ... read more

London Cuisine

Mexican food Great Cuisine and Restaurants in London to Satisfy All Tastes and Budget London England is the top travel destination, and on top of every ones must visit cities in the world; attracting millions of travellers and holiday makers every ... read more

London Eye

London Eye London Eye A Great Attraction and Must Visit Place in London The London Eye started out life as the Millennium Wheel, which was initially designed as a temporary Ride for the New Year Celebrations for 2000, but the huge popularity of ... read more

Times Square

Bill Boards in Times Square New York Times Square One of The Must Visit Place in Manhattan New York Times Square in Manhattan New York City is the most visited place in NYC, not only by holiday makers and visitors to New York but also by locals to Manhattan. The appeal ... read more

Reopening of Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty to Reopen in Time For 4 July Celebrations Holiday makers and visitors in New York City have had to appreciate the Statue of Liberty from a distance, because since Hurricane Sandy in late 2012. Liberty Island and ... read more

Saving Money On Bargins

Bargains help save money Money saving Ideas & Tips For Bargain Hunters Everyone enjoys getting a bargain, even if it’s a saving of a few bucks, it all add up and the feeling of success and satisfaction is just as enjoyable as the money ... read more

What Makes Macau Exciting

Macau an amazing destination in Asia Discover what makes Macau an Exciting Place To Visit Many travellers always visit the same old holiday destinations like London, New York, Amsterdam, Rome and Barcelona to mention just a few, but it’s a good idea to take a look at ... read more

Quest For Adventure & Carefree Mind

Barcelona Cathedral Enjoyable Holiday means adventure & having interesting things to do. Taking into consideration the billions of people that inhabit the planet of Earth, how many continents, countries and regions and the diverse amount of like and ... read more

Amsterdam By Canal

Amsterdam Canal Boat Tour Amsterdam By Canal Boat Great Way To See Top Tourist Sights Amsterdam in Netherlands is a great holiday destination for weekend breaks and holidays, Amsterdam is not a big city so its easy to get around on foot, bike or tram, this makes ... read more

5 Place To Visit in New York

Statue of Liberty Manhattan New York The big 5 sights & places to visit in New York New York City has many famous sights and places to visit that attracts visitors for weekend breaks and holidays every year, from independent travellers, group booking to return ... read more

Montmartre Northern Paris

Moulin Rouge Restaurant near Montmarte Montmartre Northern Paris France For Inspirational Sights Just like any top travel destination Paris is well known for many Famous Sights like the Eiffel Tower, Arch de Triumph, the Louvre to mention but a few, and of course they are ... read more

10 Must Visit Places in London

Westminster Bridge & Big Ben 10 Must Visit Places in Central London What makes London England one of the most exciting and popular place to visit for all types of holiday makers and group travellers, is that London, is packed with places to visit and things to do. ... read more

Lekki Peninsula Lagos

Palm Shopping Mall Lekki Lagos Nigeria Lekki Peninsula The New Lagos & The Place To Be Lekki peninsula is a strip of land along the Atlantic Ocean in Lagos Nigeria, bordering Ikoyi and Victoria Island (VI). Lekki as it’s popularly known as, and some part of it is ... read more

Happy Valentine 2013

Happy Valentines 2013 Happy Valentine’s 2013. Valentine is a time to embrace the ones you love and to make them happy, there is no need to spend lots of money on commercialised gifts and cards, the best gifts are usually from the heart and can even be ... read more

Stag Weekend in Dublin

Dublin Twmple Bar Stag Weekend in Dublin Temple Bar Area My friends and I travelled to Dublin for a weekend break on a boy’s only journey to pick up girls before one of friends gets married. We set off on our stag weekend on Thursday night, ... read more

Be Lucky in Macau

Macau main square Macau (Macao) in China the number one gaming and entertainment holiday destinations in the World, Macau is now, much bigger than Las Vegas Nevada as a gaming destination. Macau is big in gaming and makes no apology for it. Macau ... read more

Great Value Budget Accommodation

Great value budget accommodation Enjoying time away on holiday is one of the best ways to relax and re-charge your batteries, but some times its hard to make the holiday money go far enough. One way to save money is to book budget accommodation as place to stay for your ... read more

Save Money on Holiday Accommodation

Save money on holiday accommodation People travel for different reasons from business trips, weekend breaks to summer holidays, and group holidays, when it comes to leisure travel for holidays there are two factors that influence travellers ability to travel either their ... read more

Salisbury Hotel Folkestone Group Accommodation

The Salisbury Hotel in Folkestone Kent Salisbury Hotel in Folkestone Kent is great place to stay for an amazing group holiday When it comes to a city that offers visitors a lot do Folkestone in Kent is great place for a beach holiday, entertainment and recreation needs for ... read more

Top Cities For Group Booking

Hostel group accommodation There is a big difference between booking accommodation for groups and for booking for individual traveller, not because the people travelling are different but because a group booking requires a lot more organisation and time, the ... read more

Enjoy Europe on a Budget

Enjoy Europe on a Budget Europe has many great holiday destinations for holiday makers and each city offers something different for a visitor. If its your first time visiting Europe and you have a week or two holiday its easy to visit a few cities and enjoy what ... read more

Place To Stay in London

Place to stay in London Get The Most Out Of London Accommodation For anyone looking to move to a new country or city it’s important to make an informed choice of where to stay in that city,  Service Apartment is one of the best way to start if ... read more

Budget Accommodation Equals Affordable Holidays

Cheap Hostels Axxommodation Budget Accommodation Makes Affordable Holidays Possible With an unlimited budget or access to substantial amount of money anyone can plan and book an amazing holiday for individuals or group booking, but in reality, the majority of ... read more

Backpackers Cities in Europe

Backpacking top cities in Europe Top backpackers Cities to visit in Europe Europe is packed with some of the best holiday destinations in the world and it can be a bit of a strain on the finances for travelers if they don’t know how and where to save money during ... read more

Find a Cheap Place to Stay

Find a Cheap Place to Stay on Holiday Find a Cheap Place to Stay on Holiday & Use the Money you Saved to Enjoy Yourself It may seem like an easy task to find a cheap place to stay on holiday but in reality there are a lot of things to consider and many people ... read more

Other Side of Amsterdam

Amsterdam on a Budget Enjoy All Sides of Amsterdam Netherlands on a Budget In terms of must visit holiday destinations or city break, Amsterdam in Netherlands is definitely among the top 10 in the world, being a small compact city it is easy to get around ... read more

Enjoy Rome Italy on a Budget

Enjoy the sights in Rome on a budget Rome in Italy is an historic, enchanting city filled with famous sights and places to visit. Rome is without a doubt one of the top cities in the world and a must visit holiday destination for every holiday maker be it a students group ... read more

Havana City of Culture and History

Havana Cuba old city Havana the capital of Cuba is a unique holiday destination attracting a wide variety of holiday makers, Havana offers visitors many places to visit and things to do, the city is filled with beautiful historical buildings and old American ... read more

Cheaper Side of Manhattan

Empire State Building Manhattan New York The Cheaper Side of Manhattan New York New York City is without a doubt one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and offers the perfect combination of famous sights, great places to visit and a vast array of ... read more

Sao Paulo on a Budget

Sao Paulo Beaches Enjoy Sao Paulo Brazil on a Budget Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil with a population of about 19 Million, Sao Paulo skyline is filled with skyscrapers and is the biggest city in South America, Sao Paulo even makes New York with ... read more

Brooklyn on a Budget

Brooklyn New Yourk USA Things to do & place to stay in Brooklyn New York on a Budget Many people thinking of visiting New York head straight for Manhattan which is of course a good choice if you only want to see the usual sights, but if you want to still ... read more

Islamabad Pakistan a Must Visit City

Islamabad Pakistan a Must Visit City Islamabad is an amazing city and a must see for anyone looking for a new place to visit on holiday Islamabad the vibrant capitol city of Pakistan has established itself as a stand alone holiday destination as well as a great base to ... read more

Budget Accommodations Explained

Budget accommodation expained When somebody says, No Explanation Needed it can actually mean two completely different things, firstly it can be the person understands what you are saying or implying and doesn’t need you to explain further as your both on the same ... read more

Success of London 2012 Olympics

Spectators at London 2012 Olympic Games Usain Bolt & Michael Phelps at London 2012 Olympic Games The London 2012 Olympic Games has been another amazing success, combination of athletes competing to win for their countries with spectators enjoying all the action, there ... read more

Greetings from a Happy Place

Happy on Holiday Happiness means different things for everyone, for child happiness can mean time playing in the park or eating an ice cream, as we get older it becomes a bit more difficult to define and make ourselves truly happy. No-one is always ... read more

UK Going for Gold at Olympics

Gold Medals for UK at London 2012 Olympic Games Golden Olympic Games for UK A word to all the disbelievers in the ability of the UK athletes, for the London 2012 Olympic Games UK may have been a little slow start with winning a few medals, but UK has moved swiftly up the Medal ... read more

London Olympic Accommodation for Less

London 2012 Olympic Accommodation There are only a few says left till the long awaited London 2012 Olympic Games starts on 27 July 2012, and London is getting busier every day. London is always a popular holiday destination but this year its an amazing time to visit ... read more

Hostel Times Are Coming

youth hostels accommodation Don’t worry we are not talking about Hostile times of hardship and not enough money, we are talking about Hostel times a time to relax and enjoy some holiday time away without breaking the bank in a hostel accommodation. The ... read more

Celebration of Hostels

Hostel Private Rooms are affordable & great value As in many parts of life there are always unsung heroes that continuously slog away in the background ensuring a smooth and hassle free time for others. Rarely are these heroes acknowledged let alone praised or shown any gratitude. ... read more

Hostels Offer Travellers More

hostels accommodation offer more Hostels Offer More For Your Holiday Money. Feel the beat of travel and let your mind wander to a relaxing place of regenerations and recharge your batteries, there is no need for expensive hotels accommodation and first class air plane ... read more

Stress Free Hostels

Stress Free Hostels Accommodation Stress and worries from trying to pay the bills and make the finances stretch to cover everything can easily make someone fall sick, which then in turn adds extra stress and burden. One way to try and relieve this stress and worries is ... read more

Hostels Easy as ABC

Hostels accommodation are great alternative to expensive hotels It’s a common saying to say something is as easy to do as a, b, c or 1, 2, 3 but when you begin it usually turns out to be a lot more complicated and harder than expected. When it comes to budget accommodation and in this case ... read more

Make Time for Hostels

Make time for hostels If you have the time and patience there is a way to go on holiday with a super low budget, especially within European Cities or within America, this is because there are two major contributors to holiday costs that can be easily overcome ... read more

Successful Group Travel

Save Money on Group Travel & Group Accommodation For a holiday to be successful it doesn’t have to break the bank, what is important is that you have an enjoyable time, this can be done with a lot less money than you would expect as long as you know where to save money and get a ... read more

Miami Hostels for Budget Travellers

Miami Hostels and Budge Hotels Accommodation Miami Beach is one holiday destination that many people consider to be an expensive place to stay, but there are quite a few Hostels in Miami and budget Hotels in Miami Beach that offer affordable accommodation. What a lot of travellers ... read more

Top Hostels in Madrid

Top Hostels in Madrid Spain For a holiday destination that offers something for everyone Madrid in Spain is ideal, there is no need to break the bank for place to stay in Madrid check out the top hostels in Madrid and budget hotels accommodation in Madrid for place ... read more

Best Years in Hostels

Best years in hostels accommodation making happy memories Happy Memories can’t be bought, no matter how hard some people try there is only one way to gain such a precious commodity, and that is to experience something for your self. Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and ... read more

Budget Globetrotting

Budget globetrotting stay in hostels and budget hotels If you thought the days were gone, when backpackers go budget globetrotting on a shoe string, spending time in different cities, staying in cheap hostels accommodation and getting a taste of different cultures and meeting new friends, then ... read more

Choose a Hostel for Huge Savings

Hostels Accommodation save money on Holiday If you were guaranteed to save money and still get everything you wanted for your holiday accommodation, it would make sense to stay in a hostel accommodation and take every step towards saving money. Taking that first step, is the key ... read more

Budget Travellers Know Best

Budget travellers know the best ways to save money Gaining an insight into the minds of budget travellers could save you a lot of time and money in all aspects of life. It may sound a bit over the top to some people, but the point is the way budget travellers manage to globetrot, stay ... read more

Spread the Word About Hostels

Youth Hostels accommodation good points Tell a friend and spread the word. This is a common saying that can make a huge impact to a wide range of things, from a surprise party, special event, sale bargain, cool place to visit or cheap hostel accommodation. Word of mouth and ... read more

Fresh Look at Hostels

Hostels accommodation for budget travellers and holiday makers Take a second look at hostels for cheap place to stay. Many things in life have a set price and there are only a few chances to save money, when there are sales or special discounts, these are all determined by the retailer and this is ... read more

Budget Accommodation For All

Budget accommodation great alternative to expensive hotels Budget Accommodation Great Alternative to Expensive Hotels When it comes to holiday accommodation the first place most people think of is Hotel accommodation, it’s what people are used to, they offer security and peace of mind ... read more

Celebrate Life Not Money

wonder of life is happiness by Hostels247 It’s a fact of life that we all need a certain amount of money to live, this can not be avoided, we need money for everything from buying food & drink, travel & accommodation, as well as heating, water, gas and electricity ... read more

London 2012

London 2012 Olympics - cheap hostels & hotels accommodation - London Olympics Accommodation on a Budget. The 2012 London Olympics is almost upon us and millions of people will be descending on London England to enjoy the Games from July. Usually Summer time in London is very busy for Hostels in ... read more

Best Accommodation Website

Hostels247 World's best accommodation booking website The World’s Best Budget Accommodation Booking Website – Finding the right place to stay on holiday is important as it will be your home away from home. Having the peace of mind that the company you use to ... read more

Barranquilla Holiday

Barranquilla City ideal holiday destination for budget travellers For a holiday that doesn’t break the bank and put a strain on your finances it’s important to get as much for your money as possible, this is both in terms of affordable hotels accommodation, budget Air fares as well a lot of ... read more

Macau is for Everyone

Holiday in Macau for budget travellers When looking for the right city destination for your holiday there are countless choices depending on what you are looking for, from great entertainment and famous sights to Luxury hotel resorts or budget hotels accommodation and ... read more

Paris City Break

Paris City Break Check out Paris France for your next city break The enchanting city of Paris in France welcomes romantic couples and high flying first class travellers with almost unlimited budgets, there are many expensive boutiques, restaurants and 5 ... read more

Take a Bite Out of New York

Travel to New York and take a bite out of the Big Apple Take a bite out of travel to (Big Apple) New York City An apple a day keeps the doctor away, Travel and staying in the Big Apple, New York City USA is one of the best ways to relax, chill out, find some bargains in the shops and check ... read more

Christmas is Time to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Christmas is Time to Celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ Christmas is a time to have good will to all men and women, the time of year to spend with friends and family, celebrating the Birth of ... read more

Christmas Is Not A Time For A Bargain

Christmas sales is not a time for a bargain by Hostels247 Christmas Should be a Time to Spend with Family & Friends, & Goodwill to all Men & Women. Sales, special offers and discounts everywhere, but still Christmas is not a time for a bargain, no matter how cheap the bargain you ... read more

Holiday in Bangkok

Bangkok Temples and monuments A Holiday in Bangkok – Excitement worth Pounds, Enjoyed for Pennies Bangkok is a city offering all the attractions and facilities of a modern forward thinking city, while still being steeped in history, that’s what makes ... read more

Holiday to Turkey

Holiday to Turkey - Hotels in Turkey - Hostels247 Holiday to Turkey – Multiple Facets of an Outstanding Trip Turkey has a mystical character that makes it an interesting tourist destination for holiday makers. The first-time visitors to the country often return with a complete ... read more

Holiday to Brussels

Atomium in Brussels Belgium Fall in Love with Brussels – Holiday to the Cultural Heart of Europe From a fortress town of the 10th century, Brussels has admirably transformed itself to a metropolitan city and popular tourist destination. The capital of Belgium, ... read more

Budget Holiday in Top Cities

Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace Free things to do in London by Budget Holiday in Top Cities – Free and Cheap Things to Do Budget preparation is the most important aspect of holiday planning. Many holiday makers think that travelling to top cities like London, Paris, New York and Dubai are out ... read more

Holiday in Europe

Amsterdam Holiday, hostel place to stay in Amsterdam - Hostels247 Holiday in Europe – Expect More from European Multi-city Tour Europe holiday means exploration of stimulating natural magnificence combined with the historical marvels and ancient monuments. Many cities in Europe have been top of ... read more

Santa Cruz Bolivia

Santa Cruz Bolivia - travel to Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz Bolivia The Best Mix of Culture and Modern City Santa Cruz de la Sierra, dubbed as Santa Cruz is the biggest city in Bolivia in terms of population. It is also buzzing with modeling related activities in the context of ... read more

London Bargain Holiday

London Bargain Holiday - Travel to London - London Hostels It’s not true that London is the most expensive city….. What many travellers do not consider when organising a holiday to London is where to find all the London bargains, for everything from London hostels accommodation ... read more

London Notting Hill Carnival

London Notting Hill Carnival - Stay in London for Notting Hill Carnival Celebrations August bank holiday is one of the busiest times in London, not only for tourists visiting the city and hostels in London, guesthouse, bed & breakfast, budget hotels but because August Bank Holiday is when the famous Notting Hill ... read more

Armrest -Air Planes

Armrest Fight on Airplanes - Armrests will never be wide enough to share by Armrests on air planes will never be wide enough to share. The age old fight to gain control of the armrest on airplanes continues to this day, travellers want to feel comfortable and rest their arms on the armrests but in Airplanes ... read more

Free New York City Travel

New York free travel and place to stay in New York - Travel Round New York City For Free For many people on holiday in New York City there are so many things to see and do its may seem a bit overwhelming. Manhattan in New York is the main tourist and business hub and it may seem like ... read more

Madrid to Valencia in 90 Minutes

Madrid to Valencia in 90 minutes by high speed train The train in Spain that put the plane out of business Getting to where you want to go on Holiday quickly and easily is one of the major factors to consider when planning your holiday, for a lot of people there are not too many options ... read more

Travel Like a Local

Travel The World Like a Local - Travel The World Like a Local To a lot of people this may seem like a contradiction, how can you travel the World and also be a local. Travelling means going to new places and visiting different cities, being a local means you live in ... read more

Palace Rated Hotels

Palace rated hotel bedroom - 5 star hotel - France awards 8 Exclusive Palace rated Hotels which is higher than 5 Star Luxury Hotels Frances Ministry of Tourism has awarded 8 French Hotels the exclusive Palace rating which is above 5 Star, the awards for Palace rating was decided ... read more

London Summer Holiday

Tower Bridge in London England Summer is the time most people travel on holiday, for many people their Summer holiday is the only time they get to travel abroad and spend time with family and friends. London England is one of the must visited cities in the world. For ... read more

Copenhagen Eco friendly holiday destination

Copenhagen wind turbines, eco friendly energy sources, Copenhagen in Denmark Eco friendly holiday destination There are a many factors to consider when planning your holiday; some of the major ones are air fare, hotels, bed & breakfast, Youth Hostels and budget accommodation. They all ... read more

Travel A B C

Travel ab c, make yourself understood at home and on holiday - hostels247 blog A B C of making yourself clear If no-one understands what your saying, then to be honest, it’s as if your not saying anything, because if your message or point of view was not conveyed in a manner that anyone understood, then you ... read more

Enjoy Paris on a Budget

Paris France Eiffel Tower seen from The Palais de Chaillot How to Enjoy Paris France as a Budget Traveller Paris in France is undoubtedly one of the top cities in the world to travel to for anyone looking for a memorable holiday, be it romantic getaway, or just a weekend break or holiday to ... read more


budgeting & saving money tips - hostels247 blog A good budget will change your life There are many things that make you think, but few make you change the way you live you live your life, having a good budget and being mindful of what you spend could not only save you money it could ... read more

Royal Wedding 29 April 2011

HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding 29 April 2011 - Hostels247 blog April Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton April is always a great month to travel to London on holiday, the weather is heating up and it’s the beginning of Spring, not to mention April is the month the famous London ... read more

Cubism look at hostels

Hostels accommodation You don’t have to be an art lover, to understand why Cubism is the perfect way to explain the whole concept of hostels accommodation in a picture and why hostels are synonymous with budget travellers from all over the world Cubism ... read more

Is Venice Sinking

Gondola Ride in Venice Italy, travel to venice Venice Italy always congers up images of dreamy lovers or romantic couples enjoying a Gondola ride along one of the many Canals that are synonymous with Venice. Venice Italy is without a doubt one of the most sort after romantic holiday ... read more

Spring 2011

Spring 2011- hostels247 blog Start a fresh with Spring 2011 With less than 2 weeks to go till the first day of Spring on 20 March, things are beginning heat up, and I’m not just talking about the weather. Holiday makers, Spring Breakers, budget travellers ... read more

Travel to Cambodia

Angkor Wat Temple in the Kingdom of Cambodia - blog Kingdom of Cambodia Ancient but looking to the future Covering an area of 181,035 square kilometres (69,898 sq mi), with a geography dominated by the Tonlé Sap Lake and Mekong River, Cambodia (officially known as the Kingdom of ... read more

Internet is for everyone

Internet is for everyone, online is used for everything from email and booking hostel accommodation to shopping Gone are the days of just pen and paper, and travelling to the shops, now is the era of the internet, from checking your email, booking your hostel accommodation, buying the weekly groceries and checking the weather to countless ... read more

Ankara Holiday

Ankara holiday accommodation Ankara in Turkey is a popular holiday destination and millions of tourist visit every year, looking to enjoy what Ankara has to offer. Ankara is a city that definitely offers something for everyone no matter what time of year you visit, ... read more

Travel to Miami

Travel to Miami USA, south beach miami Miami in United States is famous for beautiful sandy beaches and blue sea, countless places to chill out and great hotels and Miami hostels accommodation, a lot with beach views and swimming pools. Miami has many things to do for young ... read more

Cheap place to stay in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya

Cheap place to stay in Istanbul, Ankara & Antalya Turkey Turkey has a lot to offer travellers from numerous sights and monuments, and popular cities like Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul attract countless tourists every year, but accommodation options can be expensive with Luxury hotels being at the ... read more

Macau and Berlin Cheapest place to stay

Cheap Berlin hostels accommodation Cheapest place to stay in Macau and Berlin If you’re looking for an exciting and different place to travel to for your next Holiday then Macau may be the answer. Macau in China is a great travel destination, offering luxury hotels ... read more

Cheapest places to stay in London, Paris and New York

cheapest place to stay in London England Cheapest accommodation to stay in London, Paris & New York No matter which country or city you want to travel to are always a range of hostels & hotels accommodation to choose from, the prices of these accommodation range from ... read more

Spring is coming book your hotels now

Counting Down to Spring London may be cold, rainy and there are a few light sleet and snow showers, but Spring is on the way, with just over a month to go, the Spring flowers are peeping through the surface and can just be seen. Its ... read more

New Overnight Accommodation Tax in Rome

New overnight accommodation tax in rome - hostels247 blog Rome has introduced a new overnight accommodation tax on Hotels accommodation and campsites, the only exception to this accommodation tax are children under the age of 2 and hostels accommodation. This is yet another reason to stay in a ... read more

Memories of London

Travel to London, London eye, big ben & houses of parliment Memories are made from the people you meet, the conversations you engage in, the places you see and the things you do. Everyone has their own idea of what makes an enjoyable holiday, from the destination, accommodation and mode of ... read more

Top New Years Eve Travel Destinations

London eye new yesr's eve fireworks display Its only a short time till the New Year's celebrations for 2011 will be here, here are some top travel destinations to party and enjoy the New Year London England - Either Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Soho, for great clubs and ... read more

Travel to Canterbury Cathedral from London

Travel to Canterbury Cathedral - Hostels247 Travel & Cultural Blog Canterbury, Kent in South East of the United Kingdom is a Unique and Compact City, world famous for its Castle, Roman Walls surrounding the city, and most of all the beautiful Cathedral in the centre of the city (Canterbury ... read more

London Bike Rental

London Cycle Hire - Barclays Cycle Hire - Hostels247 Travel Blog Is this a Bike Rental revolution in London London has followed in the foot steps of other cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and Cardiff and now Londoners and visitors can rent one of 6,000 rental bikes. Once all the usual personal and ... read more

Beware of Hidden Hotel and Flight Charges

Save Money on your holiday, avoid extra fees by budge airlines and hotels, stay in budge hotels Travellers are charged for everything, and it’s a well know fact that there are a lot of extra charges for travellers and tourists to pay now days, from the most obvious ones like baggage charges on budget airline flights and room ... read more

Netherlands Queens Day celebrations 2010

If you don’t like the colour orange and crowds, then 29 & 30 April, is not the best time to travel to, or to be in Amsterdam or anywhere in Netherlands! Across Holland people are celebrating Koninginnedag, which is Dutch for ... read more

To travel or not to travel

Budget Hotels - Hostels Accommodation Hostel Dorm Rooms A choice of Airlines and accommodation needed for everyone There is no denying that the economic climate has hit the travel and hotels accommodations industry hard, especially when it comes to luxury and mid range hotels accommodation, ... read more

cheap place to stay in macau

Ole London Hotel Macau - Cheap place to stay in macau Finding a cheap place to stay in macau china now-a-days is not easy, Macau is now bigger than Las Vegas when it comes to gambling. A lot of high rollers, and expensive 5 star hotels, not enough budget hotels accommodation, hostels and ... read more

London Friends

Friend in London - Mariam, Dauca, & Amy - Hostels247 Blog London great place to social network It has been said many times over that the world is a diverse and amazing place, filled with countless people, languages and cultures. Each offers different sights, sounds and experiences. It would ... read more

Jobs in Africa

Africa is famous in a lot of people minds for some great Holidays destinations, Safari’s and the pyramids in Egypt. But Africa is fast becoming a place full of opportunities for jobs in a wide range of sectors such as:- ... read more

Travel to New Delhi

Lotus Temple New Delhi - Travel to New Delhi - New Delhi Holiday - New Delhi Travel Blog Reliving the Past on the Streets of New Delhi My best friend, Seema and I had completed our masters from a college in New Delhi, the capital of our country, India. Oh, who can forget that carefree time of college days? The days that ... read more

Frankfurt Germany

Travel to Frankfurt Germany - Holiday in Frankfurt - Frankfurt Blog Frankfurt – Financial Centre of Germany Frankfurt is better known as the financial centre of Germany, but that should not imply that the city has nothing to offer in terms of tourism. Popularly known as Frankfurt am Main, which ... read more

50 States of USA

Travel to the 50 States of USA - United States of America 50 States - Blog 50 States of USA & the Capital Cities of United States of America United States of America (USA) with its Capital Washington DC, is with out a doubt one of the top travel destinations in the world, not only because of the vast ... read more

Vatican City in Rome

Travel to Vatican City Italy - Catholic Church - Pope - Blog Vatican City – Sacred City that Celebrates Catholicism Vatican City is an independant city-state within the capital city of Italy Rome. Considered as one of the most sacred cities around the world, Vatican City is also known as ... read more

Travel to London to see Will Smith

Will Smith  at Hancock premiere in London- blog The day I took time off from my boring job to go and see Will Smith It was an amazing day, as I got into Leicester Square, one of my favourite hang outs, everywhere was buzzing with excitement, there were people everywhere, I was so ... read more

Amsterdam Holiday Gives New Lease of Life

Amsterdam Blog, Canal Boat trip in Amsterdam, Amsterdam Holiday, Vacation in Amsterdam, Blog Visiting Amsterdam with Mother Restored the Lost Energy and Time My mother and I never had a chance to travel together since childhood, despite her being my best friend.  As soon as I entered my teens, illness gripped my mother and ... read more

Havana Cuba A Perfect Holiday Destination

Havana Cuba Old Town - Old City Havana Cuba  - Havana Cuba Holidays - Havana Cuba Vacation - Visit Cuba Visiting Havana with a Long Lost Friend I visited Havana last Christmas Holiday with a long lost friend of mine, Garry. Both of us studied together from school to college and completed our masters. And then life took us to our own ways ... read more

Honeymoon Romance in Paris

Honeymoon Romance in Paris - Eiffel Tower in Paris France - Blog Visit to the Most Romantic City of Paris  Paris is known to be the most romantic city of the world and is rightly known so. After my marriage to my childhood love, both Mark and I decided to start our newly married life with love and ... read more

Macau Casinos

Macau Casinos - Accommodation in Macau - Blog Macau Visit Puts An End to My Depressing Feelings Since last eight years, I had not got the time to take a travel break from my demanding career. I had become so busy with the daily routine, chores and events of my life that I ... read more

Ibiza Clubs & Beaches

Ibiza Blog, Ibiza Clubs, Ibiza Beaches, Travel to Ibiza, Ibiza Holiday, Vacation in Ibiza, Blog Visit Ibiza for Exquisite Beaches & Unbeatable Nightlife My new girlfriend Maria and I wanted to spend some time together to get to know each other better and to spend some quality time together before taking this relationship ... read more

48 Hours in Dublin

Dublin Holiday, Dublin Blog, Vacation in Dublin, Blog Dublin, My Husband Took Me to the City of Joy My husband had some two day work at Dublin and he asked me to accompany. Oh, my heart swell with joy and my excitement knew no bounds, so I readily agreed. I had no idea that it was going to ... read more

New York City Tour

New York City Vacation, Holiday to New York, Sight in New York, New York Blog, Blog An Ecstatic Tour to New York With Friends This vacation, my friends and I visited New York. We were planning for this holiday for a long time and this time it finally worked. We had planned our travel well in advance. A wise thing ... read more

Amazing London

London Holiday Blog, Vacation to London, London Sights, Big Ben in London, Blog London A City of Dreams Who would like to miss an opportunity to visit London? When I got one, I grabbed it with both hands. Though it is an official visit, I know that I am going to make the best of this opportunity. With its tall ... read more

Rome Italy at Its Best

Rome Blog, Holiday to Rome, Vacation to Rome, Tobu World Square St Peters Basilica in Rome, Blog My dream about visiting Rome That day I was hooked to the television all day. It was a Sunday and I was feeling bored at home. The daily routine of home to office and from office to home was bugging me. More than 6 months had passed and ... read more

World Credit Crunch

Credit Crunch Blog, World Credit Crunch, Money Blog, Financial Blog, Blog Blame Ourselves for the Housing Bubble America's financial and economic woes continue to mount and multiply. With them, so too do the woes of the global economy. The US government takeover of mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae is ... read more

A La Carte Airline Pricing

Unbundling is not all bad by Viajeguy Unbundling is the airlines’ latest attempt to retrench & redefine their business model in the face of rising fuel costs and a sagging world economy which in turn creates a cash hemorrhage ... read more

London Travel guide

What to do and How to get around in London by Viajeguy London is a world class city with a myriad of things to see and do. It matters not if you are a first time visitor or a returning veteran; there is always something new to do in ... read more

High Airfares and Crude Oil Prices

Lower Fuel Costs Equal Lower Air Fares – We Wish Airlines for months now have been increasing their Air fare almost through the roof and charging customers for everything they can lay their hands on, from Fuel surcharges, checking ... read more

Hagen Dazs

Hagen Dazs Leicester Square - Ice Cream- Smooth Cocktails - Social Newtworking - Blog - Hagen-Dazs is not just a girls best friend but a mans best mate to keep the girls happy. Now days to have fun and hang out with friends in Leicester Square in London,  does not have to mean getting drunk and going clubs. There are ... read more

Trip Planner

Tips and Ideas to make your Travel Planning easy and Hassle Free Today, travel can be a hectic, stressful, & a strain on the finances – the opposite of why one decides to go on holiday. Here is a series of travel ... read more

Countries in Africa

List of the Countries in Africa, the Capital cities and major cities in Africa. All of these African Countries and Cities are top Business, Holiday, Travel and Cultural destinations. To Book Hostels & Budget Hotels click the ... read more

Countries in Western Europe

List of Countries in Western Europe, the Capital Cities and some of the major cities in Western Europe. All of these Western European Countries and Cities are top Business, Holiday, Travel and Cultural destinations. To Book Hostels ... read more

The Australian Backpackers

 The Australian Backpackers - Steven, Trent, Deano, Juned and Tim - Baching travel Blog Travel, Hostels Accommodation, Partying & Having Fun Thats what Backpackings is all about 5 intrepid backpackers from Australia, Steven, Trent, Deano, Juned and Tim on a 5 month long trip backpacking around UK, Europe and beyond. The ... read more

Spanish Mishap Part 4

Amanda Sears- Spanish Mishap Part 4- blogs-kings cross London- travel social networking My Spanish Mishap, Part 4: Concluded - Always Book Your Hostel Ahead Of Time Tip # 6: If you know where you are going, find an internet café and book a hostel ahead of time!  I found my way to the Madrid airport.  I was ... read more

Spanish Mishap Part 3

Amanda Sears- Spanish Mishap Part 3- hostels247 bloggers-Madrid Spain-travel social networking Amanda Sears- Spanish Mishap Part 3- hostels247 bloggers-Madrid Spain-travel social networking My Spanish Mishap, Part 3 - My Unplanned Trip To Madrid The following morning, with the help of the hostel worker at the front entrance, I set off for the consulate.  I thought my adventure would end shortly, but I was ... read more

Spanish Mishap Part 2

Amanda Sears- Spanish Mishap Part 2- hostels247 blogs-La Rambles Barcelona-hostel in Barcelona My Spanish Mishap, Part 2 - Never Loose Faith Tip #3: My mother has always told me never to put all my eggs in one basket.  Likewise, never keep all of your money in one spot just in case someone decides to steal from you.  ... read more

Spanish Mishap Part 1

Amanda Sears- Spanish Mishap Part 1- hostels247 blog-La Rambles Barcelona-travel social networking- My Spanish Mishap, Part I - La Rambles Barcelona where my Bag was Stolen It happens to the best of us and you hear about it all the time.  For me, it happened as I sat in a restaurant off La Rambles on the last day of my 5 day ... read more

Hostel Movie and Hostel Part II

Hostel Film - Hostels Movies - Hostel Part 2 - Hostels Accommodation Hostel Film and Hostel Part II The Movie - Horror, Torture, Violence and Great Accommodation Hostel the Horror Movie, written and  directed by Eli Roth released in 2005, is arguably one of  the scariest movies of all time, ... read more

Random Idiots

Random Idiots Band - Martti Massiheh, Otso Rantonen and Antti Pulli - Backpacking Travel Blog Random Idiots, group of 3 Finish Guys in London, to chill out 3 impressionable, young guys, from Finland, Martti Massiheh, Otso Rantonen and Antti Pulli, spending some time in London after graduating from High school in Finland what ... read more

Obama Delegate Visits London

STEPHANIE SIGURDSON IS PROUD TO BE A DEMOCRAT It’s not the first time I have engaged in a political discussion about the ongoing US Election with Americans. But this is the first time I have had the pleasure, to meet one of the ... read more

Home Base

Reading My Home Away From Home The Base For My First World Adventure Let me paint a picture for you; a Canadian university student goes to Reading University in the UK for the final year of her BFA.  Last September, I ventured ... read more

Perfect Nails

Perfect Nails - Nail Polish - Hand Cream - Travel Social Newtworking -World Hostels - The Perfect set of Nails Women around the world spend hours and hours trying to perfect the way their nails look, from acrylic wraps and false nails to nourishing hand creams, nail strengthening polish and vitamin supplements. The Ideal ... read more


CHILDREN'S PESTA POWER TAKING OVER OUR LIVES I know what you are saying, what is “Pesta Power”? Well if you have children, nephews, nieces or even been around children you would have experienced this Pesta tactic first ... read more

No Country for Old Men Anticlimax Disappointment

No Country for Old Men Anticlimax Disappointment No Country for Old Men, a movie written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, otherwise known as the Coen Brothers, staring Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem. Adapted from the ... read more

Travel Social Networking on the Move

Backpacking Hostels - Backpacking Social Networking Forum - Travel Social Networking - Hostels 247 Blog Backpacking, The Only True Travel Social Networking Forum Backpacking to me is not only about going and travelling to new places, visiting famous landmarks and taking pictures, it’s also about the whole experience of ... read more

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday, is the one day of the year that all mothers around the world have the day off and don’t feel guilty, from morning till night they are treated like queens and have there every need attended to. Well that is the ... read more

Happy Valentine

Hassle Free Valentine’s day can be yours Valentine is almost upon us again…. It must be said that this is another yearly celebration that has grown to an unbelievably high importance in the calendar. If your a man and want ... read more

London Bargains

London Bargains - Hostels247 Blog - travel Blog - London January Sales -Travel Social Networking - Book Cheap Youth Hostels in London Online - London January Sales and cheap London Hostels Accommodation, london is famous for many tourist attractions like Big Ben, Houses of parliament, Trafalgar Square, Tower of london, Lodon Eye and Buckigham palace. But if you are in london for ... read more

Rock Hard Butt

Rock Hard Butt - Hostels247 Blog - Travel Blog - Backpacker Hostel - Cheap Youth Hostels Accommodation - Book cheap Hostels Online- Travel Social Networking - Rocking Butt, I have found that Backpacking the Globe, going to new and exotic places, is great exercise. It keeps you fit, active and tones your body. All the walking round Monuments and Museums, Bicep curls with heavy cocktails, and the ... read more

christmas on the move

Christmas on the Move Christmas is a time of celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ, a time to enjoy the company of family and friends away from the normal worries of everyday life. Christmas and the holiday season that includes New Year is when many ... read more


London Blogs - London Tourist Sights - London Travel Blog - Hostels in London - Cheap Youth Hostels in London - London is a Vibrant 24 Hour City and one of the most famous cities in Europe and the World. London is a popular Leisure, Tourist and Business Destination and offers something for everyone Families, Travel Groups, Students, Backpackers, ... read more

Hostels Bargains

Hostels, youth hostels and budget hotels is the way forward if you want to save money, book online for the best deals. I booked my London Hostel accommodation online and I saved a lot of money booking my hostel, I used the money I saved to ... read more


Backpacking on a shoestring, is the cheapest way to travel the world, discover new and exotic places. The hard core Backpacker Hitch Hikes the World, off the beaten path, for months on end and carries all they need in their Backpack ... read more

Mean Streets of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Hostel Blog - Hostels 247 Blog - Hostelling Blog - Travel Blog Too much beer, Bloody noses, Split lips, and a massive hang over that's what happens on most nights when I'm out with my mates. We don't look for trouble, it just seems to find us no matter what city we are in. Take for example the ... read more

No Borders World

No Borders World - Hostel247 Blog - Hostels Blog - Travel Blog - Backpacking Blog Young, Carefree, & adventurous the World is your Oyster, Whatever! Who needs an oyster? I am Young, Carefree and the World is a giant Dorm room and I have an unlimited pass, well, it doesn't quite have the same impact or finesse, but ... read more

Backpacking Boozing Lover

Hostels247 Blog - Backpackers Blogs - Travel Blogs - Hostels Blogs Night Clubs, Beer, Babes and a cheap place to crash, that's what care free backpacking and backpacking hostel accommodation means to me, it's an organised chaos (well kind of organised) and I love it. The fact you can almost do anything, ... read more

United world

Youth Partnerships -united world-youth travel-youth hostels Budget Travel-Hostels and cheap accommodation is the way forward, the youth of today want to travel to every corner of the world on a shoe string and they don't want to pay through the nose for accommodation when they get ... read more

Backpacking adventure part 2

Backpacking in Bangkok - Hostels in Bangkok - Blog First I got my Taxi from Bangkok Airport; Bangkok is really cheap, it cost only few Baht for the ride to the Hotel, not as cheap as a Tuk Tuk though. I hooked up with friends of mine that were staying at a Bangkok Hotel very close ... read more

Backpacking adventure part 1

Backpacking - Budget Travel - Blog The summer began like any other for me, I had been working a lot of hours in a new project for months and I was feeling quite worn out, but my hard work was paying off and the project was going well, I needed to let loose, recharge and ... read more

The summer is over in London for now

The summer is over in London for now and the heat is gone but the fun will go on, we are now looking forward to autumn and winter. Summer was a boom in London even though it rained a couple of times, the fun was still flowing. Well ... read more

Hostels & cheap Hotels the fastest growing sector in the travel market

This summer has been another great season for the travel industry and a boom for many Hostels budget accommodation, as they are part of the fastest growing sector in the travel market. Budget accommodation is just one aspect of making a ... read more

The Wonders of the World & Budget Travel

Here we are on this amazing place Planet Earth and do we really appreciate the magnitude and splendour of what is all around us? From the air we breathe, the water we drink to the natural marvels like The Great Barrier Reef, Niagara Falls ... read more

Summer Holiday

Summer is finally here and the Sun is trying hard to shine and break through those clouds in the sky. What most of us wish for is a clear blue sky, lazy days on the beach, maybe the odd Monument or Museum  and no work for a couple of ... read more

Budget Worldwide Travel & Backpackers Hostels

Ever heard the saying "It's a small world"? Well let me tell you this. No matter what Continent, Country or City you live in, the world is on your door step, all you have to do is unlock the door and boldly step into a world ... read more

Travel Generation

Pack your bags, grab your passport, book your airline ticket and your off at the drop of a hat. The youth of today are nimble, globally aware, travel savvy and internet experts they know what they want and at what price they are willing ... read more

Hostels and benefits

Hostels have a variety of Accommodation you can choose from depending on your budge and requirements . There is shared accommodation in dorm rooms with either en-suite bathrooms or shared bathrooms, guest pay for a single Dorm Bed in a ... read more

Cape Town Accommodation And Hostels

Cape Town Accommodation a helping hand Cape Town is undoubtedly the premier city of South Africa and a must visit for holiday makers, no visit to South Africa would be complete without a visit to Cape Town, to soak in the splendor of ... read more

Hostels and Cheap Accommodation in London

Hostels and Cheap Accommodation in London You would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of London and all the famous attractions like Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Tate Modern, The British Museum, Tower of ... read more

Path Less Traveled

Path less travelled - Book Hostels Youth Hostels Discount Hotels and Budget Accommodation online Path Less Traveled, Think About Nigeria As One of The Top Place To Visit in Africa Traveling, visiting new places and experiencing different cultures and ways of life is all part and parcel of why we have the urge to travel. But as a ... read more

Hostels Destination

Hostels or Cheap Youth Hostels  may not sound very glamorous, and for years it may not have been the best of Ideas, but this is the most common destination for the budget travellers and the youth of today when they travel. ... read more

Hostels are for Everyone

Changing Face of Hostels  and Cheap Accommodation The youth and budget travel market demands more today than ever, travellers are street wise and globally savvy, they know what they want and at what price. If you ask any young ... read more

This Site is Soooooooooooo Wicked

This site is sooo Cool - Book Cheap Hostels Youth Hostels online Hi, Check this out....... I have been to loads of Booking Sites and stayed in Countless Hostels and Budget Hotels, This site is really  Wicked, there are a lot of things to make my life easier, the guides are cool, not long winded ... read more

Youth Travel Blog

Youth Travel - London Hostels - Changing of the Guards The youth travel market is changing fast and growing day by day, its all about affordability, inexpensive and budget accommodation, when we say Budget we mean a clean and Affordable accommodations, youth hostels, bed and breakfast, guest ... read more