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01 May 2012

May Day Protesters clash with police

The 1st May 2012 sees another day of protests staged by Labour Movement and Anarchists among other protesters in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Athens to New York, Washington and many other cities across the world.

Most of the protest marches and Occupy protests were without incidence but there were arrests in each city and some protesters either tried to rush shops and businesses and vanalized windows or became disorderly and clashed with police who were trying to keep the protesters calm.

The May Day originates from the eighteen hundreds and the day is meant to commemorate the historic achievements of the Labor movement and in remembrance of the 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago, Illinois.

But these days most people don’t know what May Day stands for and use the day to protest and cause disruption in city centres for their own particular reasons.

Even before the eighteen hundreds the May Day celebrations was always used as a workers holiday to celebrate and have fun, but over the years the celebrations have turned into protests and marches.

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