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05 August 2008

American Airlines Boeing 757 Made an Emergency Landing at Los Angles International Airport - American Airlines Plane - News

American Airlines Boeing 757 Made an Emergency Landing at Los Angles International Airport

American Airline Boeing 757 Airline forced to make an Emergency Landing at Los Angles International Airport (LAX), due to smoke in the cabin that forced the plane to make an Emergency Landing.

Just after taking off from LAX to Honolulu at 8:48 a.m. PDT (11:48 a.m. EDT), there were reports of smoke and haze in the cabin, and the plane was forced to turn around and return to LAX.

A similar problem occurred in a Swiss airline plane and the crew tried to deal with the problem in mid air, which ended in disaster, over a decade ago, now no pilots would take a chance, the pilot of the American Airline Boeing 757 turned the made the right decision, turned the plane round and returned to the Airport at LAX.

All 188 Passengers and 6 cabin crew of American Airlines Flight 31, evacuated the plane via the 3 slides packed in the doors of the plane, one slide at the back of the plane failed to inflate properly, so passengers used the 3 working slides..

The Emergency landing was executed without any problems and the passengers were bussed to the terminal.

It is still unclear what caused the smoke in the cabin; the Boeing 757 has been taken out of service for an investigation.

For the passengers of the American Airlines Boeing 757 Flight 31, the emergency landing at LAX, was a disruption to their travel plans and messed up their hotel accommodation, but its better safe than sorry. At least they all lived to travel another day.

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