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31 August 2011

Space Hotel, Space Tourism, Holiday in Space -

Get away from it all in the Space Hotel

 It’s a well known fact that the main reason people go on holiday is to get away from the everyday life and relax in a different place away from where you usually live, for many people the further away from where they live the better. The Russian company Orbital Technologies has taken this theory to the limit and is working towards the first every Space Hotel which is due to open to Space Tourists in 2016.

So if your fed up with the holiday experiences on offer on Earth its worth thinking about the Space Hotel if your finances will allow.

Obviously the Space Hotel is not for everyone, it will be the world’s most exclusive Boutique Hotel with the target market of the ultra rich and private companies who want to do research in space.

Staying at the Space Hotel is not for budget travellers with costs starting from about £600,000 which includes the cost of travel to the Space Hotel and Hotel accommodation and meals. All meals are obviously included as the nearest take way or shop is about 217 miles away.

The accommodation and facilities in the Space Hotel can not really be compared to any Earth Bound Hotel, instead it’s simply pointed out that the guests will be much more comfortable than the usual astronauts in Space Stations.

The Space Hotel can accommodate up to 7 guests who will be accompanied by experienced staff, the food on offer will be prepared on Earth and reheated in space by microwave, for the accommodation and sleeping arrangements due to weightlessness guests will sleep either upright or vertical in sleeping bags attached to the wall.

2016 is only a few years away so if you have ever dreamed of going into space then it’s the time to start saving for the most amazing holiday experience on offer and a Hotel accommodation that will defiantly get you away for a few days.

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