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09 December 2011

Checked in Lugage allowance 20% and Higher Airfare prices

Luggage allowance on Air planes 20% down

Air travel is an integral part of most of people’s life from business trips to holidays and visiting friends and family, it would be hard to travel without using Air travel at some point.

It would be like going on Holiday and not staying in a cheap hotels accommodation or youth hostels, while away from home you have to stay in some kind of holiday accommodation and to travel long distances and cross countries, you have to fly.

Taking this into account it seems as if airlines are beginning to take customers for granted and reduce the services and baggage allowances for travellers.

Checked in Luggage for economy class passengers on long haul flights used to be as high as 2 bags of 35 kg now some airlines have reduced it to just 2 bags of 28 kg a reduction of 20% and some airlines only allow one checked in bag, its not as if air fare prices have also decreased at the same rate, in fact air fares have increased in many routes, especially the African routes and routes that are not well served by many Airlines.

So it seems the less the amount of airlines that travel a route the more expensive the ticket.

You can travel for 6 hours on a plane and pay more than what you would pay for a longer distance that would take you more than 18 hours. It’s quite easy to see that this Maths doesn’t add up. No matter the excuse that’s given.

Airline business is one business that charges whatever that suits the airline when there’s no competition and not care for the needs of the customers, and still claims not to make money.

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