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Happy Birthday Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower is 125 Year Old today. It was only meant to stay erected for 20 years, and here we are today, over a century later celebrating a mile stone birthday for the Eiffel Tower in Paris France, Today marks the 125th Birthday for the Eiffel Tower, and there are definitely no plans on the tower being taken down ... read more
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Royal Baby Boy

Kate, Prince Willian and Baby George Hurray It’s a Beautiful Royal Baby Boy, Congratulations Kate & William! (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) William and Kate have fulfil the number one and most important Royal duty which is to produce the heir to the throne. A baby is always eagerly awaited by its parents and extended ... read more

Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Ca Happy Lunar New Year Gong Xi Fa Ca Happy Chinese New Year Gong Xi Fa Ca, the traditional Chinese New Year Greeting which means “wishing you prosperity” in Mandarin. Today the 10th February 2013 is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar, this year we say goodbye ... read more
Beijing To Guangzhou As Fast As A Bullet

China Bullet Train High Speed Trains Have Brought The World Closer Together In a modern world there is no avoiding travelling, from going to the shops, work or travelling on Holiday. One of the major factors that decide how we travel is the time it takes to get to our destination, walking, bus, cars, subways, trains and planes are ... read more

Making Light of Travel

Use Carry on Luggage Only when flying budget air lines Travel Light & Save Money on Extra Charges For Checked in Luggage. Since the introduction of budget airlines and the increased number of good quality budget accommodations like cheap hostels, bed & breakfast and guesthouse, more and more people have been able to travel and go on holiday. But in recent ... read more
London 2012 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony

London 2012 Paralympic Games London 2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony The London 2012 Paralympics opened this evening with a spectacular Opening Ceremony, a worldwide audience of millions watched on TV and 60,000 people were at the Stratford Olympic stadium, including the Queen, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both ambassadors for Paralympics ... read more

Airline Asks Passengers for Gas Money

Air France Flight low on Fuel asks Passengers for Cash for gas It’s a common saying that life is sometime more unusual than fiction and there are many examples of this especially when you travel and go on Holiday, your expecting new experiences and different things, but sometimes things get a little too much like the twilight zone. It is expected that when you travel and ... read more
Ikea to Open Budget Hotels Across Europe

Ikea Budget Design Hotels in Europe Ikea the Swedish company famous for affordable flat-pack furniture and the world largest Furniture Company, has plans to expand their business and is looking to open around 100 budget design hotels across Europe. Ikeas aim is to create a Hotel accommodation based on budget design with a boutique and exclusive feel ... read more

Queens Jubilee Pageant

Queens Jubilee Thames Pageant Queens Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant Today Sunday 3 June 2012 saw over a thousand boats, vessels, flotilla of tugs, steamers, pleasure cruisers, dragon boats, kayaks and ships join the Queens barge on the Thames to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee in the Thames Pageant. The Jubilee Pageant was the London ... read more
London Torch Relay

Olympic Torch Relay 2012 begings on 19 May in Lands End Cornwall The Olympic Torch arrived in The United Kingdom yesterday and today Saturday 19 May 2012 is the first day of the 70 day relay leading up to the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games on the 27 July 2012. The count down to the London 2012 Olympic Games has now entered the last days and the anticipation ... read more

Sarkosy Out

Francois Hollande Wins French Presidential election Sarkozy Out Francois Hollande In Sarkozy Out. A new dawn in France, Socialist Francois Hollande wins the 2012 French presidential elections as Nicolas Sarkosy admits defeat and concedes, Sarkosy is the only French President in over 30 years not to win a second term in power. Francoise Hollande gives victory speech from ... read more
May Day 2012

May Day Protesters clash with police The 1st May 2012 sees another day of protests staged by Labour Movement and Anarchists among other protesters in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, and Athens to New York, Washington and many other cities across the world. Most of the protest marches and Occupy protests were without incidence but there were arrests in ... read more

EU Carbon Tax

EU Carbon Tax on Planes within in EU, arriving and leaving EU Apart from a few forms of travel such as walking or bicycles they all leave a carbon footprint, from the fuel used to run the car, air plane or ship to the fumes left behind from burning/using the transportation, Travel always leaves some kind of carbon footprint. The European Union has created a carbon emissions ... read more
Child Air Fares Too High

High Cost of Child airline Tickets by Hostels247 High Costs of Air Fares Hit Families With Children the Hardest. Here are the facts, so you decide for your self. Even if you are an adult on minimum wage or feel as though your wages are never enough to cover the monthly bills, it should be pointed out that adults without children in most cases still have it ... read more

Luggage Allowance

Checked in Lugage allowance 20% and Higher Airfare prices Luggage allowance on Air planes 20% down Air travel is an integral part of most of people’s life from business trips to holidays and visiting friends and family, it would be hard to travel without using Air travel at some point. It would be like going on Holiday and not staying in a cheap hotels ... read more
Space Hotel

Space Hotel, Space Tourism, Holiday in Space - Get away from it all in the Space Hotel  It’s a well known fact that the main reason people go on holiday is to get away from the everyday life and relax in a different place away from where you usually live, for many people the further away from where they live the better. The Russian company Orbital ... read more

Nelson Mandela at 93

Nelson Mandela at 93 celebrating with his family Nelson Mandela celebrates his 93rd birthday with family & well wishers. Today 18th July 2011 is the 93rd birthday of Nelson Mandela and a national holiday in South Africa, the whole country celebrates Mandela Day. Thousands of South African school children across the country sang happy birthday to Nelson ... read more
South Sudan Independence

South Sudan Independence, Republic of South Sudan (ROSS), News Republic of South Sudan the newest country in Africa the World & the 193rd Member of United Nations Today Saturday 9th July is a historic and glorious Day for South Sudan as they become an Independent state. The First President of New Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit Celebrated with the rest of his ... read more

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Nippon Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner carbon composite Plane - News Boeing 787 Dreamliner is 50% lighter and 20% more fuel efficient. Boeing is making test flights with All Nippon Airways (ANA) for its new light weight carbon composite Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the test flights are taking place in Japan, and will be along the domestic routes within Japan. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner ... read more
Worlds fastest train in Japan

Japan Maglev Train - Travel News - Japan Maglev trains get the go ahead today. Japan's first maglev train service will be run by Central Japan Railway, and their aim is for the first part of the Maglev track to be completed in 14 years in 2025, and the Maglev trains will run between Tokyo and the central city of Nagoya, but many train enthusiast ... read more

UK Pension strike action Pension Strike Action in England & Wales Across England and Wales there are hundreds of thousands of people on strike including teachers, 105,000 civil servants and public sector workers, all striking over the government’s review of public sector pension, the pension reform is currently at the proposal ... read more launches slick new home page new home page have launched an updated home page with an emphasis on travellers being able to easily find a place to stay through the easy to use search box An updated version of the website has been launched by the online booking website for worldwide budget accommodation, the new site offers ... read more

Barcelona Win UEFA Champions League 2011

Barcelona Football Club 2011 winners of UEFA Champions League - Barcelona beat Manchester United 3 -1 Hostels247 News Barcelona beat Manchester United 3-1 to win UEFA Champions League 2011 Celebrations for all Barcelona fans around the world, as Barcelona beat Manchester United at Wembley Stadium London England, 3 -1, to win the 2011 UEFA Champions League It was a spectacular 3 -1 victory for Barcelona over Man U, at Wembley ... read more
Volcanic Ash cloud hits Europe again

Icelandic Ash Cloud closes European Air Space - Hostels247 Travel News Volcanic Ash cloud closes European air space again in 2011 It seems like only yesterday that a volcanic dust cloud in 2010, caused havoc across Europe and the world, closings airports, cancelling hundreds of flights and strangling hundreds of thousands of travellers, Youth Hostels and Hotel accommodation ... read more

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton - Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Hostels247 News Congratulations to HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton on their beautiful, opulent Wedding today 29 April 2011. Around 2 Billion people around the world were watching with delight the Royal wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton. From the guests arriving at Westminster Abbey, the page boys and ... read more
Palm Sunday

Canterbury Cathedral Palm Sunday Service - Hostels247 News Billions of Christians Worldwide celebrated Christian Palm Sunday today 17 April 2011, The Pope held a massive outdoor service in St Peter’s Square, Vatican City, Rome which was attended by thousands of followers. A special service was held at Canterbury Cathedral, The Blessing of Palms, Procession and Sung with ... read more

London Marathon 2011

London Marathon 2011 - hostels247 news - Hostels247 Sports news Every year the World Famous London Marathon takes place in Central London, the 26.2 Mile race starts out in Greenwich and passes close to many landmarks of London such as The Cutty Sark in Greenwich, Tower Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral, London Eye, Houses of Parliament and many more, the race finally finishes on The Mall ... read more
Grand national 2011

Grand National ladies hats Grand National the most glamorous horse race in the world It’s not just horse racing lovers that enjoy the Grand National, this world famous race held every year in UK is an event that everyone can enjoy and is the most loved and popular horse race that takes place in United Kingdom. The yearly horse ... read more

Happy New Year 2011 First of January is a new start every year, a chance to start a fresh, wipe the slate clean, set new goals and work towards achieving them. The first of January 2011 is also a special date and the beginning of the year of special dates Today is 1.1.11 in 10 days the date will be 11.1.11 then again in November we ... read more Launches new website launch New website - news - hostels247 press release The long awaited launch of new website has finally gone live today, Monday 3 May 2010. The new user friendly easy to navigate website, looks fresh and clean and has all the usual information and eye catching pictures, to help our customers navigate the site with ease, the inner ... read more

Volcanic Ash Cloud causes Travel Chaos in Europe

Volcanic Ash Cloud causes chaos across Europe and leaves travellers stranded - Hostels247 Travel News Volcanic eruptions intensify in Iceland causing more flights across Northern Europe to be cancelled and fuel travel chaos for millions of travellers Euros Star is fully booked for the weekend and early next week with over 50,000 passengers travelling from London to Brussels and beyond, Ferries from UK are sold ... read more
5 Hour Virgin America Flight turns into 16 Hour Ordeal

Virgin America flight 404 from LA to JFK New York - Travel News Direct 5 hour Virgin America Flight 404 from LA to JFK New York turns into a 16 hour nightmare for passengers. Virgin America flight 404 left LA at about 7 am, for a direct 5 hour flight to JFK New York but due to gale force winds the plane was diverted to Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York, located about 90 ... read more

Macau Record Breaking House of Cards

Record breaking house of cards replica of Macau Hotel - News Macau No small house of cards Macau in China the gambling capital of the world is the venue for Bryan Berg’s World Record breaking triumph for building the largest house of freestanding playing cards at The Venetian in Macao, which is a fitting venue as it is the world's largest resort-hotel. He used more ... read more
Britsh Airways Cabin Crews Due to Strike

Britsh Airways due to strike - BA passengers preparing for disrupted flights in March 2010 - Travel News Cabin Crews of British Airways set to disrupt travel plans of their customers BA Cabin Crews are due to strike for 7 days later in March, defiant Mr Walsh said he was disappointed that the strike were to go ahead as they were still in negotiations but now BA’s offer for renegotiation is no longer on ... read more

Launch of Apples Ipad

Steve Jobs Launches Apples Ipad Tablet Computer perfect for browsing the internet Apples CEO Steve Jobs Launches Ipad in San Francisco California Steve Jobs, the Apple Inc Boss, Finally launches the long awaited Ipad, touch screen tablet computer which looks like a giant Iphone and has just one Button on the screen. The Ipad weighs 1,5 Lbs, has a 9.7 Inch Display and 10 hours battery life, Ipad ... read more
Rio De Janeiro to Host 2016 Olympics

Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olmpic Games Rio De Janeiro has won the bid will host the 2016 Olympics, it will be the first city in South American to host Olympic Games. The president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva made an impassioned plea to the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen, reminding them it would be a great thing for the Olympics ... read more

Time Out Names New York as World Greatest City 2009

Manhattan New York Skyline-New York City- Big Apple-Architecture in New York Time out Names World’s greatest city 2009 New York has been named by Time out as the World’s greatest city 2009 closely followed by London. It was a close fought race for first and second place between New York and London,some of the things that pushed New York to the forefront are, New York has a ... read more
Worlds Best Airport Named as Incheon International Airport Seoul South Korea

2009 worlds best Airport named Incheon International Airport Seoul South Korea - Airport and Travel News Incheon International Airport Named Worlds Best Airport 2009 World’s best airport number one spot has been given to Incheon International Airport in Soul Korea, by Skytrax who carried out a worldwide study by airline reviewers and secret shoppers. Incheon won the top spot pushing Hong Kong into second ... read more

On the rampage in New York

America's Next Top Model Auditions Riot - Tyra Banks Host - News America’s Next Top Model Riot at Auditions in New York America’s next top model auditions in New York made the news for all the wrong reasons. Not because the Hostels in New York and Hotels in New York were sold out because of the large numbers of potential contestants visiting the city, but because ... read more
Welcome to 2009

Welcome to 2009 - Happy New Year 2009 - 2009 News 2009 New Year - New Hope As we wave Good Bye to 2008 and welcome 2009, we all make our New Year Resolutions and hope for a prosperous and happy 2009. With each New Year comes a renewed hope and excitement of what the year will bring, what changes and improvements will happen at work and in family life and where ... read more

Press Release Joins Forces with 13 Coins Hotels Joins Forces with 13 Coins Hotels Bangkok Thailand Partners with 13 Coins Hotels Bangkok Thailand has partnered with 13 Coins Hotels, one of the biggest hotel operators and fastest growing hotel chains, in Thailand, to offer their Bangkok and Nonthaburi Thailand Hotels to worldwide customers. 13 Coins Hotels currently ... read more
Mystery Guest and Secret Shoppers

Mystery Guests dinner- Mystery Guests shopper- All Customers are Mystery Shoppers, Secret Diners and Mystery Guests - Online Reviewers Do Mystery Shoppers, Mystery Diners, Mystery Guests, Test Purchasing and Secret Shopping help the Retail, Travel and Hospitality Industry Improve their Customers Services and Staff Training Programmes? The Quality and ... read more

World Economy News

World Economy News - Credit Crunch - Financial News Difficult Time for World Economy The World Credit Crunch is affecting everyone, from Wall Street to Main Street, the liquidation and take over of banks and businesses, the volatile fuel prices, rocky stock market and the high price of foods and essentials. Its Undeniable that major banks and businesses ... read more
Travellers Beware

Budget Airlines - Air Line Tickets - Travel and Holidays - News Airlines & Tour Operators going Bust - Travellers Beware A word of Advice, for any Traveller, looking to book a Holiday or Airline Ticket. Get to know the airline and tour operator you book your Holiday with, before you pay any money, because they might not be in Business, when you come to go on Holiday or ... read more

XL Leisure XL Leisure Group Plc has gone into administration, leaving thousands of Customers Stranded Over 80,000 XL Leisure customers are stranded around the world in about 50 Countries, all of the companies 21 planes have been grounded. Most customers will have booked their holiday with XL Leisure as a package deal, ... read more
Indian Independence India Celebrates 61 Years of Independence From Great Britain Today, 15 August 2008, marks the 61st Anniversary of India’s Independence from the British Empire. Indian nationals around the World are celebrating and enjoying this special day for India. Many Indian nationals travelled home to India to spend ... read more

Beijing Olympics

Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony - Spectacular Opening ceremony at Birds Nest Stadium Beijing - Sports News The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday 8 July 2008, was spectacular with Fireworks lighting up the sky from the Birds nest stadium in Beijing, singers, dancers and countless performers all welcoming the Athletes, 90,000 Spectators and over 100 head of states to Beijing and the beginning of the 2008 ... read more
American Airlines Emergency Landing At LAX

American Airlines Boeing 757 Made an Emergency Landing at Los Angles International Airport - American Airlines Plane - News American Airlines Boeing 757 Made an Emergency Landing at Los Angles International Airport American Airline Boeing 757 Airline forced to make an Emergency Landing at Los Angles International Airport (LAX), due to smoke in the cabin that forced the plane to make an Emergency Landing. Just after taking off from ... read more

Emirates Airbus A380

Fly Emirates Airline first Airbus A380 Superjumbo Jet-Emirates Airline -UAE-AirFare -Book Cheap Flight Online-cheap airline tickets-Hotels Travel News Emirates Airline first Airbus A380 Superjumbo Jet 28 July 2008 Emirates the Dubai Based Airline took delivery of their first of 58 Airbus A380 Superjumbo Aircrafts on 28 July 2008, from Airbus Hamburg in elaborate hand-off ceremony in northern Germany. The First Airbus A380 was handed over to Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed ... read more
Lufthansa Strike Strike By Lufthansa German Airline Grounds Crew and Cabin Staff Travel News, the Strike by grounds crew and cabin staff of Lufthansa the German Airline is set to impact thousands of flights and travel arrangement of customer, in this busy July/August summer holiday and vacation season, the open ... read more

Emergency Landing By Qantas Emergency Landing By Qantas 747 in Manila Philippines, due to ruptured fuselage. A Qantas 747 plane from London to Melbourne, via Hong Kong was forced to make an emergency Landing in Manila after a gaping hole was left in the plane when part of the fuselage ruptured. Passengers are reported to of heard a loud bang, ... read more
Happy 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela News - Nelson Mandela addresses the crowd at his 90th Birthdays Concert in Hyde Park London - Open Air Concert in Hyde Park for Nelson Mandelas 90th Birthday Nelson Mandela’s  the world’s statesman and the former South African’s president 90th Birthday Celebration and Concert on Friday 27 June 2008, in Hyde Park London was a resounding success, with Tens of Thousands of admiring fans who travelled from across the UK and worldwide for the open air ... read more

Carbon Foot Prints

A Carbon Footprint, is Not what we should leave behind, during our Travel through life Reducing Carbon Foot Print is the new Buzz phrase and is the latest way to sell energy saving products or Ideas. In essence this is a great idea, we all make an impact on the environment around us, every time we drive 5 ... read more
American Airlines Luggage Charge American Airlines will soon be charging for Checked in Luggage It is almost certain that American Airlines is going to introducing a $15 Dollar charge, for every passenger's first piece of checked in luggage, with additional charged of around $25  for second piece of luggage. This is one $15 charge that ... read more

Hostels247 is now Compatable With Rate Tiger

Hostels247 is now Compatable With Rate Tiger Channel Management System - News Partners With Rate Tiger The Multi Channel Travel and Hospitality Distribution System Provider the travel Social Networking and online Hostels and Hotels booking website, has partnered with Rate Tiger by eRevMax, the online distribution management system provider of Sophisticated ... read more
Key to E-Commerce Success

Key to E-Commerce Success - Online Bookings Success - News Engaging with the Customers is the Key to Success in E-booking Travel, Hostels and Hotels Business The way forward for online Hostels and Hotels Booking websites, is no longer just to sell 1000’s of beds and rooms to their customers for their next Holiday or weekend break, but to engage with the customers. ... read more

Cricket Revolution

Cricket Revolution - Indian Cricket League - News The New Indian Cricket League (ICL) The Indian Cricket League is a mix of Cricket and Bollywood, it has made Cricket trending and exciting, the adverts are catchy, top Bollywood and Indian Cricket stars have been used to promote the league, and big money has been invested to promote the league and also major ... read more
Pope Benedict in America

Pope Benedict XVI in America - Pope Bendict Visit to USA - Travel News - Travel Social Networking - Hostels247 News President Bush Welcomes Pope Benedict to America Pope Benedict XVI, 6 day visit to America began when arrived at Andrews airport base in Washington DC and was welcomed by President Bush and hundreds of well wishers. The Pope is on a his first official trip to America, he is due to stay 6 days and will hold ... read more

London Marathon 2008

London Marathon 2008 - Sports News - Travel News - London Sports News - Travel Social Networking - News Flora London Marathon Winner 2008 Martin Lel Sunday 13th April 2008 sees another London Marathon begin. The London Marathon is one of the 5 most Important Annual International Marathons Worldwide. London Marathon 13th April 2008 Boston Marathon 21st April 2008 Berlin Marathon 28th September ... read more
British Airways Delays Move to T5

British Airways Delays Complete move to T5 - London Heathrow Termainal 5 - Long Haul Flights - Travel Social Networking - Travel News - News London Heathrow Terminal 5 will not see the complete move of British Airways until June 2008 British Airways has delayed their complete Move of all Long Haul Flights to London Heathrow Terminal 5 from Terminal 4 at Heathrow until June 2008, BA had hoped to transfer all operations to the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow ... read more

Mysery For American Airline Customers

Mysery For American Airline Customers - News 1000 Flights Cancelled by American Airlines American Airlines have been forced to cancel another 1000 flights across the USA, due to the same problem with the bundling of some electrical wiring in the MD80 Air Crafts; the cancelled Flights have left over 100,000 Travellers stranded across the USA trying to book ... read more
Qantas Airline

Qantas Australian Airline, 87 Year in the Air, One World Alliance, International Airfares online, low cost domestic flight, frequent flyer, flight info, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, LA, New York, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Cheap Flights at Host What keeps Qantas Airline the Australian National Carrier going continuously for 87 Years? Qantas Airline the Australian National carrier, founded in Queensland Outback in 1920, was originally registered as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service (Qantas), with its kangaroo Logo, has been in the Air ... read more

Snow Misery at Terminal 5

Snow Misery at Terminal 5 - Snow closes heathrow terminal 5 - News Snow leads to further Canceled Flights at Terminal 5 April showers have a new meaning, London and the South East was blanketed with snow up to 3 Inches deep, the last significant snow showers in April was in 1989. The snow has brought more misery to the travellers at London's Heathrow Airports Terminal 5,  ... read more
First Day of Spring Moved

First day of Spring - April Fools News - Travel News - Hostels247 News - Hostels and Budget Hotels Worldwide First Day of Spring has been Moved It was announced to day by AFN News channel that 1st April has officially gained the title as the First day of spring, the announcement was made in the early hours of the Morning New York Time, after the extraordinary closed session in United Nations.  March 1st every year ... read more

Open Skies

Open Skies - First Open Skies Flight Lands at London Heathrow Airport - OPEN SKIES - MORE FLIGHT OPTIONS FOR TRAVELLERS WORLDWIDE The first plane under the open skies agreement landed at London Heathrow Airport in the early hours of morning on Sunday 30th March 2008, the Continental Airways flight from Newark to Heathrow is the first step in what is hoped to be a new era in air ... read more

Schengen Countries - Schengen Visa - News Schengen - Border free travel area in Europe expands to 24 Countries Schengen open borders area in Europe expended to include 9 new countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Malta the overland and sea borders where abolished in these 9 countries in ... read more

Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow Terminal 5 - Travel News - London Airport - BAA - British Airways - Hostels247 Travel News Problems with Opening Day at Heathrow Terminal 5 The long awaited opening of £4.3 Billion ($8.6 Billion) Heathrow Terminal 5, opened to the public today. The state of the art terminal 5 had a lot to live up to, as passengers, press and the airlines had high expectation for the new addition to Heathrow, one of ... read more
American Airline

American Airline Pilots- Flight- Cheap Travel -200 Flights Cancelled by American Airlines 200 Flights Cancelled by American Airlines American Airline has cancelled 200 Flights Nationwide, throughout America, on Morning of Wednesday 26th March 2008; the flights were cancelled due to an electrical fault found by the FAA during a Voluntary Safety Inspection of the MD80 Planes. In a statement give by ... read more

St Paddys 2008 St Patrick's Day Celebrations Worldwide 2008 is a year to remember for St Patrick’s Day, the date of the celebrations was moved from the 17th March to the 15 March, due to the 17th March clashing with dates in the Catholic Church Calendar, Bishops discovered the Irish patron saint's feast on March 17 clashed ... read more
The University of the Free State is a ticking racial time bomb. The University of the Free State is a ticking racial time bomb. This week the first warning sign was the release of a racist video protesting against an integration policy, in which four members of the university's Reitz hostel degrade five black cleaners. The five down beer, run a race, play touch rugby ... read more

Lombardy in London for Womens Eights Regatta 2008

Lombardy in London for Women's Eights Regatta 2008 - Hostels247 News - Rowing Events - International Sports Events - River Thames Events - Sports News -  Hostels247 News - travel Socail Networking - Book Hostel and Hotels Online Canottaggio Lombardia in London for Women's Eights Head On Saturday 1 March 2008 at 10am, the start of the Annual Rowing Event on the River Thames, London, England, the Women's Eights Regatta 2008 began. Teams from around the World gathered to this annual event to prove who is the fastest, this year saw 251 crews ... read more Partners with NYC Hostels Partners with NYC Hostels has partnered with NYC Hostels, the largest hostel group in New York City, to offer their New York Hostels and Studios to customers. NYC Hostels currently has 5 prime locations in New York, Candy Hostel, Chocolat Hostel, Hostel Fresh, Sky ... read more

Valentine The Worldwide Day of Love

Valentines Day Teddy - Valentine's Day News - Valentines Day World News Valentine's Day 2008 On February 14th every year across the world from Lovers in London, Romantics in Rome, Proposals in Paris to Newly Weds in New York, in cities from Dublin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Krakow, Lagos, Hanoi, Cape Town and nearly every city and country in between people are celebrating this yearly Day ... read more
Chinese Lunar New Year Travel

Chinese Lunar New Year- news- travel social networking Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday Travel February 2008 The world’s largest holiday travel, Chinese Lunar New Year, sees over 190 Million People travel home for the most important Holiday in the Chinese calendar. This year the carefully planned travel arrangements by many Chinese have not helped them to make ... read more

Grupo Playa Sol Hotels Ibiza Joins Force With Press Release joins force with Grupo Playa Sol Ibiza Grupo Playa Sol Ibiza, the largest operator of Ibiza Hostels, Budget Hotels, Apartments, Hotel Complexes, Budget Accommodation and Holiday Resorts in Ibiza, has joined forces with Our aim at is to bring a wide ... read more
Travelodge Ireland Joins with Press Release and Travelodge Hotels Ireland join force, the perfect cobination. Travelodge Hotel Ireland, the home away from home and the most preferred budget Hotel for independent and corporate travellers, joins force with, the most nimble, travel social networking and online ... read more

World Economy Will the budget travel market weather the world economic down turn? The answer is probably yes. The Fed, the US central bank, is trying to keep the US economy from slumping into recession and US and European stocks took heart from the move. US President George W Bush has said that emergency economic measures ... read more
2008 Has Just begun            NEW YEAR A TIME OF HOPE As we waved good bye to 2007 and welcomed in 2008, only a few days ago, billions of people Worldwide rest their hopes on 2008 and the year ahead. Celebrations, parties and time for reflection is all part and parcel of December 31st ... read more

Floyd Mayweather Gives Ricky Hatton a Boxing Lesson

Pretty Boy Mayweather Knocks out Hitman Hatton - Hostels247 Sports News - Hostels247 Travel News - Social Networking - Online Booking for youth Hostels - Pretty Boy Mayweather retains his WBC Welterweight Crown Las Vegas in America hosted the showdown between the undefeated fighters Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Both fighters fought like tigers but in the end the best man had to win. Pretty Boy Mayweather knocked out Hitman Hatton in the 10th Round to ... read more
Amir Khan Boxing

Amir Khan retains Commonwealth lightweight title - Hostels Sports News - Hostels247 News - Hostels247 Sports News - Social Newtorking - Book Cheap Youth Hostels online - Khan Retains Title on his 21st Birthday in Style Amir Khan retains his Commonwealth Lightweight Title in Style by Knocking out Graham Earl in just 72 Seconds. A packed Bolton Arena saw Khan celebrated his 21st Birthday by knocking out Earl and keep his 100% fighting record. Graham Earl 8 years his senior, seemed ... read more

New and improved Hostel Accommoadtion new and improved hostel accommodation around the world, has increased the amount of people using hostels. read more
Americas National Day of Thanksgiving 2007. Busiest Travel Weekend in America America's National Day of Thanksgiving 2007 – Busiest Travel Weekend in AmericaA Proclamation by the President of the United States of AmericaAmericans are a grateful people, ever mindful of the many ways we have been blessed. On Thanksgiving Day, we lift our hearts in gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy, the ... read more

Africa mourns one of its beloved sons Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube News - Music News - Guesthouse in South Africa - World News - News Africa mourns one of its beloved sons Lucky Dube South African reggae music icon and singer against Apartheid, Lucky Dube who was gunned down in downtown Johannesburg on 18th October 2007, a month ago is still being missed by millions of his fans across Africa and the world. Mr Dube who was the first black ... read more
Londons Slave Trade Past Revealed

Britain's Capital City Slavery Past revealed and on show in Museum in London Docklands Britain's Capital City Slavery Past revealed and on show in Museum in London DocklandsNovember 2007 sees Museum in Docklands open the new permanent gallery in London, which examines the capitals involvement in transatlantic slavery and its legacy on the Capital City of Britian.Marking the bicentenary of the ... read more

Travel and Accommodation Boom In Canada

Travel To Canada, Leisure, Tourism, Hostels, Hotels, Flight, Shopping Travel, Leisure, Tourism, Hotels, Hostels, Youth Hostels and Budget Accommodation Boom in Canada The strong Canadian Dollar has not stopped the increase in travel to Canada from U.S. and the rest of the world. Canadians have also taken advantage of the strong dollar by ... read more
Public Transport Strike in Italy Travel Chaos in ItalyTravelling around Italy today was not as smooth as usual to put it lightly, Italy was hit by a public transport strike, some trains were affected and most buses were not running leaving many stranded. To make matters even worse in Rome, heavy rain made finding alternative ... read more

Last Minute goal saves Arsenal to draw Manchester United 2 -2 Arsenal Still Top Of The TableThe Emirates Stadium London, played host to the much-awaited match between rivals Arsenal and Manchester United, the match has been played and the scorecard has been marked with a 2-2 draw keeping Arsenal at the top of the table. After a slow start from both sides, Manchester ... read more
New York Giants Beat the Miami Dolphins at Wembley London England New York Giants Beat the Miami Dolphins at Wembley London England In the first ever competitive NFL game played outside the USA, New York Giants beat the Miami Dolphin 13-10, on the muddy Wembley Pitch. A mixed crowd of Miami Fans, New York Giant Fans, American expats ... read more

Everest Rocks Highest ever Rock Concert Mike Peters musician from "The Alarm" and a cancer survivor along with James Chippendale led 40 Musicians, cancer survivors and mountaineers on a 14 day trek to the Base camp at Mount Everest. It was no easy task since you cannot, drive or fly to the base camp, they Trekked and ... read more
unilateral ceasefire in Darfur Sudan has announced a unilateral ceasefire in Darfur to coincide with talks in Libya to try to end the four-year war. A Sudanese presidential adviser made the announcement at the start of talks in the city of Sirte. But two of the main rebel groups have boycotted the talks in a row over invited ... read more

Lunar Tourism China Launches Lunar Probe news - Lunar Tourism - China Launches Chang’e 1 Lunar  Probe - Lunar Hostel - Social Networking - World News China's Lunar Probe Launched China has taken a giant step in the race to be the first Asian nation to put a man on the moon. China has launches a lunar space probe named the Chang'e 1 from Xichang launch pad in south west ... read more
Raging Mega Fire Burns in Southern California

Hero Firemen - US News - Travel News - Accommodation News Fire fighter Heroes Battle the raging California inferno With thousand of acres on fire in southern California. California has faced a mega fire beyond comprehension, with over ... read more

South Africa defeated England 15-6 for Rugby World Cup 2007 Rugby - Cheap Hostel - backpackers Hostel - Budget Hotel South Africa won the Rugby World Cup by beating England the defending Champions 15-6, on Saturday 20 October 2007 at the Stade de France outside Paris . Percy Montgomery converted all four of his penalty kicks and Francois Steyn kicked another penalty to account for all the 16 points that took South ... read more
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Press Release The Most Dynamic Back Office in the online booking the London based, online hostel and budget accommodation booking site with no booking fee, has developed the most dynamic Back Office system in the online booking world. The reason the system is so dynamic and unique is the amount of user friendly ... read more
Best Hostels 24/7 Best Hostels 24/7. No Booking Fee. No Hassle. Launches Its New and Dynamic Website 2007, we formally welcome you to's new look website. We see the launch of this new look, clean cut and easy to navigate website as one of our major commitments in ensuring that, we reach our valued ... read more