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Golden Rules of Travel

The first thing that you Must ALWAYS REMEMBER.
You must always pack your own bags and not put Anything inside that will get you in trouble, this includes Flammable Liquids, Sharp Objects and banned substances of any kind. Under No Circumstances should you ever allow anyone, not even your best friend to pack your bag. When checking Inn, nowadays in any airport you are always asked. Did you pack your own bag? This question may sound routine to you but it is the most important question with regards to your travel.

The Second thing you must ALWAYS REMEMBER.

Never carry anything for anyone no matter how small the package or what the excuse is, your life and your freedom may depend on this. In most countries around the world trafficking Banned substances will extend your Holiday a lot longer than you want it to, maybe for the rest of your life it`s No JOKE!

Passports and visas

Every Country has a different policy on Visa`s and entry permits. It is important that you check with the Embassy of the Country or Countries you are going to visit,to see what their Visa or entry requirement are. If you need to get a visa it can take a couple of days so you need to plan ahead, and you would also need a passport that has at least 6 months left before it expires. This may increase if you are going to be travelling for a longer period.
Keep your passport in a safe place, since you will need it whenever you board an international flight. In some countries you will be required to leave your passport with the hotel or hostel when you check in this is to satisfy regulations requiring the hostel/hotel to register all foreign visitors. You will need to show your passport when cashing a travellers cheque.
Photocopy the identification page of your passport to carry with you in case your passport is lost or stolen while travelling.
Before departing make sure you are covered by insurance that will reimburse travel expenses.

What to pack

Your main objective should be to travel as lightly as possible, casual dress is acceptable in most countries around the world except for Muslim countries, where visitors can not wear short or scanty tops. In some Asian countries spiting or dropping chewing gum on the street can get you in trouble with the law which might result in a fine, always make sure to read the do's and don'ts of the country you are visiting this will make your life much easier.
Break in your shoes before you leave home, shoes with soft substantial soles are not only deal for walking but can ease the difficulty of manoeuvring the cobbled streets that characterize many old city centres especially in European countries.


Make sure you get all your vaccinations from you doctor before you travel this will ensure that you stay healthy while you are travelling.
Always take sensible precautions during hot weather, wear a Hat/sunglasses and sun block, drink plenty of fluids. Tap water in Europe, America and Canada in general is safe to drink, although its high mineral content can cause Minor stomach up sets if you are not used to it. If travelling further a-field you should stick to  Bottled water which is an inexpensive and widely available alternative.
A general rule to stop any stomach up sets is to stay away from salads, uncooked foods and fruits, no matter how good they look.


Travelling is always exciting and enjoyable if you can converse a bit  with the locals. Only the basics are needed like yes, please, no and thanks you accompanied by a pleasant smile, polite manner and using your common sense will get you very far.
If you are really stuck with Communication remember that hostels, youth hostels, bed and breakfast and hotels receptionists usually speak English and in most cases are helpful and friendly. So you should make use of their help and they could even teach you a couple of words. Be nice to them!

Money and valuables

Having some funds in local currency is a necessity, but only carry what you will need for a day or two if its lost or stolen your chances of getting it back are next to nothing. Travellers Cheque are reliable and safe, always keep a record of the Cheque numbers you redeem and receipts in a separate place in case you need to produce them in the event of loss. Be prepared to show your passport each time you cash a cheque or offer one in Payment

Personal safety

Common sense keep valuables passports, money, credit cards etc hidden when you are on the move a money belt or neck belt or neck purse worn inside clothing is the safest option, also put money in different places so that if one bag is lost you have another source of funds. Any bag you carry with you should have a secure fastener with strap that goes over your neck and crosses your body this ensures that bulkier items like cameras etc are safe from pick pockets. Be street smart and don't be a gualable tourist, and an easy target for con-artists and trixters. 

Getting around

Find a central public transportation information centre spend some time there and obtain information on how to get around the city, including transportation maps and detailed maps. Buy valid transport tickets for multiple rides or for more than one day, they will save you money and the inconvenience of having to buy a new ticket for every journey. There are a variety of public transportation in Europe and America these include subways, trams buses etc
Each country has its own customs and regulations it is very essential to take note of these, the European Union countries are considered as one and there are no limits on goods for personal use when travelling between member countries, however restrictions do apply when travelling between EU and non EU countries.

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